Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency KIDS LOVE JETLAG Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Fred/Farid KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Chief Creative Officers
Marc Badinand/Laurent Toth KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Creative Director
Anna Gadecka/Souleman Diallo/Raphael Almazan KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Art Director
Yael Eligoulachvili KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Producer
William Mazaud KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Digital Artist
Isabelle Constant/Lennie Stern/Edith Chapin KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Account Director
Bao Tu Ngoc/Benjamin Bouzerau Bouzerau Levy KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Digital Producer
Julien Leveque KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Media Strategist
Thibaud Le Juge KIDS LOVE JETLAG FRED/FARID GROUP) Community Manager

The Campaign

At the dawn of the war for privacy, Internet cookies are the enemies. Indeed like a little vitual snitch, Internet cookies are used to collect all your personal data and transfer them without your knowledge. We are McVitie’s and we make delicious British biscuits… It’s natural for us to hate cookies in all their forms, so we wanted to crush them everwhere, on the supermarket shelves, but also online helping people preserving their private life. We created Shootthecookies : a browser extension that scans for all cookies on your computer, and deletes them with one simple click. A retargeting banners plan with 4 different scenarios explaining how much cookies are bad and annoying led the user to the campaign website, This cookie war campaign can significantly increase the brand notoriety, and the more cookies were destroyed, the more we talk about the operation and the brand. Moreover, if the campaign increased brand awareness, its also considerably served the brand utility. More than 1 million cookies were destroyed in the first 12h, and 4 Million in the following days.

The Brief

Besides the traditional target audience (adults from 35 to 49 years-old with childreb from 6 to 17 years-old), the campaign was also aimed at potential new customers: urban young adults. And that’s why #ShootTheCookie is a digital campaign. But to talk to this kind of target audience, we needed to talk to influential people. We had to make McVitie's enter into the digital world, launch and host a social conversation. Hence, the PR campaign.


With less than 15 K of investment, #ShootTheCookies get more than 5 Million in earned media, reaching thousands Twitter users and retweeted by influential users. #ShootTheCookies within 97% of agreement on social media, made the headlines of more than a hundred blogs among the most specialized and popular in France, but also in North America and Asia PR impact :,mcvitie-declare-guerre-online-aux-cookies,30,21284.html!


What we did to achieve that, is using a realtime interest targeting campaign. In other words we created an interest by using relevant KOL's (Mouloud Achour +300K followers, Michael Youn + 900K followers) to talk about #Shootthecookies. All the people who clicks on their links, and the people who look like them (thanks to Radium One technology) are then exposed to bannering that invite them to go on the website. In this way we ensure to touch influential, and maximize our power by using people as a media"

The Situation

Since 1830 Mc Vitie’s makes delicious English biscuits but these last few years, the brand started to loose its iconic edge. The idea was to increase the brand notoriety by a non-conventional strategy and besides the traditional and familial target audience, the digital campaign was aimed at potential new customers: urban young adults.

The Strategy

Our strategy consisted to talk to those who talk, the influential people. Concerning our consumer base this is especially relevant because we want to use influentials as a media. We know that with a small budget creating a media blitz among influential is the better way to optimize the spread. Indeed after seeing the website, they speak about what they saw and the brand became suddenly more edgy to the eyes of traditional consumers for two reason. First because of the idea itself, second because the emetor of the message is an influent. We are convinced that proving McVities brand utility through the Add-on is the right way to ensure word of mouth to final consumer (older & families) and to engage both influential and traditional people into McVities products.