Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company PS COMMUNICATION Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency PS COMMUNICATION Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production Company FOCOSO APS Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Lasse Hansen PS Communication Denmark Art Director
Lotte Andersen PS Communication Denmark Senior Project Manager
Mikkel Bagger Lange PS Communication Denmark Creative Director
Laila Eisø PS Communication Denmark Senior Project Manager
Niklas Høøk PS Communication Denmark Art Director
Magnus Bentsen Maersk Line Project Coordinator
Claus Hoevelt Maersk Line Global Brand Manager

The Campaign

Maersk Line is a renowned Danish cooperation with offices and workplaces spanning the globe. Since its beginning in the 1920’s, reliability, timely diligence and efficiency have been its hallmarks. However, where Maersk Line had previously hit a chord with the working Dane, the company had become less and less relevant to this man over recent years. In 2011, the company commissioned 20 Triple-E-class ships from a Korean shipyard, representing the largest ships ever built in terms of length and capacity. In July 2013 the Maersk Majestic was ready for delivery. Could this be an opportunity to reach out to the Danish people? PS took up the challenge and created the concept for a 12.000m2 pop-up exhibition named ‘Bringing you the world’. The exhibition title alluded to the huge ship’s capacity for cargo to all parts of the world and the ability to bring the world closer through trade. Multimedia stations engaged visitors in everything from refrigerated containers to life on board. For example, at the ‘Stripped to the Core’ station, a miniature of the ship highlighted its eco-friendly attributes. At another station, a huge 180° screen allowed the visitors to experience what it was like to work for Maersk. To tell the right story elsewhere, TV commercials, outdoor ads, online banners, PR etc. were all involved and the exhibition opened with pomp and ceremony to the sound of a boys choir and the release of 18,000 Maersk-blue balloons, one for each container the world’s largest ship can carry.

The Brief

• To contribute positively to Maersk Line's public branding and reputation. • To communicate Triple-E's positive features, e.g. its environmental improvements. • To communicate the container's importance for the consumer and the world trade in general. • To attract as many visitors as possible to the pop-up exhibition at the quay and to the guided tour on the ship. • To obtain positive publicity of Maersk Line and the campaign activities in traditional and social media. • To gain internal pride inside the company and attract the best employees (employer branding). Target groups and stakeholders: • The average Dane • Maersk Line's business partners and customers • Current and future employees • Politicians & NGOs


More than 350 media clippings. Over 10 feature spots on Danish TV
 Almost 5.000 downloads More than 1.000 unique photos uploaded to Instagram
 77 % more Danish Facebook fans
 127 more Twitter followers
 40 % more visits to 139% more hits on the Triple-E page Furthermore, the exhibition traveled all around the world. But most importantly, the exhibition changed the Danish perception of Maersk Line from one of reserved and distant to a company that is open and giving. Both internal and external stakeholders alike felt a sense of pride in what the company stood for, making the exhibition not only a success in terms of marketing, but also showcasing Maersk Line’s corporate responsibility and employer branding in action. The exhibition has been Maersk Line’s biggest commercial success to date.


The campaign was internationally executed from June 2013 until April 2014. The main activity was when Triple-E was harbouring in Copenhagen from 23rd September to 29th September 2014. More than 250 people was working with campaigns, PR and live activities related to the Triple-E visit in Copenhagen. The execution went without any troubles with on and off shore authorities. The live event had maximum security and guest attention. 50.000 people went on board the ship and 225.000 visited the exhibition without a single injury or negative experience. PS Communication had secured that anybody that could wait an hour could access the unique round trip on the Triple-E.

The Situation

Maersk Line has since 1920 been responsible for due diligence and efficiency, but over the years it has gained a reputation for being a closed, old-fashioned business that has grown away from its Danish roots. There was a need for a campaign that showed Maersk as open and modern and invited the Danes inside Maersk Line's universe. The order of the Triple-E ships was a major event Maersk Line wanted to share with Denmark – and, as the only place in the world, invite ordinary people on board and thus cementing Denmark importance of Maersk and Denmark as proud seafaring nation.

The Strategy

Instead of creating a traditional image campaign, the strategy was to establish Maersk Line as a knowledge-intensive company that deals with something that concerns us all – containerization. Containerization has a positive influence on globalization creating work around the world and thus bringing people out of poverty. At the same time it was important to convey the message that even though the ship is the world's largest, it actually uses half as much fuel per container as its competitors. In order to reach as many people as possible the task was to communicate these insights in a format that many so-called ordinary people would find interesting. Langeliniekaj in Copenhagen was thus converted into a large, interactive pop-up exhibition. To get as many people as possible down to the dock, and to get wider spread the message, the exhibition was supplemented by a prior drive-to campaign and a parallel PR campaign.