Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ANORAK Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency ANORAK Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Jens Petter Aarhus Anorak Creative Director
Peter Power Anorak Copywriter
Torgeir Vierdal Anorak Account Director
Kasper Amundsen Tuvnes Anorak Creative
Ina Egelandsdal Anorak Project Manager
Simen Idsøe Eidsvåg Hes Creative Director

The Campaign

4Sound used to be the go-to source for people who wanted to talk and buy guitars. But since the beginning of the digital instrument-era, the interest has been declining. Our challenge was to turn the trend and engage people into picking up their first guitar.

The Brief

We wanted to engage the Guitar Hero-gamers and turn them into guitarists.


The campaign turned out to be one of the most successful campaigns ever launched by 4Sound. It increased their customer base by over 26%. They increased their sales by over 29% compared to the past 2 years. And at the same time their online store had 40% more visitors then previous months. It also helped 4Sound re-establish their brand values in core audiences: musicians. Which also happens to be their most important clients.


The campaign created a guitar movement that engaged both people who were already playing as well as aspiring new guitarists. It gave existing musicians a cause to support for and at the same time it lowered the threshold for people who never took the final leap into the real guitar world. 4Sound facilitated the conversations and engaged people into visiting their store. Both when recycling your plastic guitar and when picking up your vinyl. This also created to perfect occasions of talking to people about what kind of guitar they should try and buy. Based on the movement and the engagement created in social media we sparked an interest in national media.

The Situation

Our insight work showed some interesting facts regarding the guitars survival in the digital era. The game «Guitar Hero» sparked the interest for the guitar, but after it was pulled in 2011 it slowly faded again.

The Strategy

The solution was to offer them a deal: hand in your guitar hero, and we´ll melt it into a vinyl record. The vinyl consisted of unreleased songs from Norways biggest rock bands, a chord booklet and a guitar course. And a great deal on their first guitar for the sacrifice they made.