Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Media Agency LABELIUM Paris, FRANCE
Production Company ICONOCLAST Paris, FRANCE
Production Company 2 WE ARE ANONYMOUS Paris, FRANCE
Production Company 3 WE ARE FROM L.A. Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed Chérif BUZZMAN Ceo/Creative Director
Thomas Granger BUZZMAN Vice President
Julien Levilain BUZZMAN Associate Director
Santiago Cosme BUZZMAN Artistic Director
Miguel Durão BUZZMAN Copywriter
Olivier Lopez BUZZMAN Account Manager
Loïc Coelho BUZZMAN Account Executive
Julien Scaglione BUZZMAN Head Of Social Media
Joeffrey Arruyer BUZZMAN Social Media Consultant
Cyril Paglino BUZZMAN Head Of Communication/Pr
Clara Bascoul Gauthier BUZZMAN Communication/Pr Manager
Laurent Marcus BUZZMAN Head Of Digital Production
Lara Jane Lelièvre BUZZMAN Digital Producer
Vanessa Barbel BUZZMAN Head Of Tv/Print Production
Elodie Poupeau BUZZMAN Tv/Print Producer
Adrien Armanet Iconoclast Director
Vanessa Chabrel Bic/Tipp Ex Marketing And Digital Director
Nathalie Hoffherr Bic/Tipp Ex Marketing Manager Europe
Iris Chatelier Bic/Tipp Ex Assistant Product Manager

The Campaign

Tipp-ex came to us for the third time and ask us to make a campaign which could bring the same popularity to the brand that “a hunter shoots a bear” and “the hunter and the bear birthday party” had. So, how to dominate the web with an already seen duo? By adding a third new character! The first person we thought about was Pharell, because he embodies what we needed: the star, loved in France and abroad, a social media VIP, always on the cover of magazines, who never been popular then this year, after his “Happy” song. This year, Tipp-Ex®, N°1 correction brand in Europe,Bic® and Pharrell go together to make history by creating thefirst participatory book instantly translated into 5 languages. A real technological feat imagined by Buzzman agency for a world first!The idea: Tipp-Ex® and Buzzman asked Pharrell to write a book about the source of his inspiration. A few hours before the book launch, struck by panic due to fierce readers seeking to steal the book, the bear decided to cover the book with Tipp-Ex® to protect its contents. To participate, you will have to enter the cabin of the hunter and the bear and help find the thousands of words, which have been covered in the book. Obviously, the hunter, the bear and even Pharrell will be there at every moment with hints to help you complete the book. The more words you find, the closer your name will be in the credits alongside Pharrell.

The Brief

First of all this is the third episode of the Tipp ex’s “a hunter and a bear” saga, so we already have the followers of our precedents activation but, since, we had the participation of an international star as Pharrell Williams, we wanted to give to our advertising a popularity never seen before. Our target was young people from 18 to 25, online and interested in technology.


Our followers loved the first two Tipp-Ex campaign and what they really loved was the originality of our advertising and the possibility to interact and be an active protagonist for the creation of contents. We knew that this two points, interaction and originality, were the key of our success and we had to use it, but this time in a different way. We keep the little scenes between the hunter and the bear, but the frame was completely different: with our socialbook. Results 120 131 visits on the website 744 976 views in the video + 13K shares on social network + 276 apparitions in media 155 countries reached +144,8 M of people potentially reached 1,88 M of earned media About the website performance 125 000 visits 2min50 of average time spent 26,05 % average bounce rate 6285 accounts created 101897 words found 866 103 hints used


Cf. Campaign description

The Situation

Our biggest problem was at the same time one of our strength: This is the third episode of the Tipp-ex “a hunter and a bear” saga. When we thought of our third episode we knew had lot of fans and this is was strength because we knew we already have an audience, but also a weakness because we were vulnerable: we didn’t want to annoying our followers with a déjà vu campaign. That’s why we asked Pharrell to make this book with us and that’s why we created the first participatory book instantly translated into 5 languages

The Strategy

We knew that our youtube stars made fall in love lot more then 70 millions people, but we also knew that to obtain the same success that the first episode did, we had to upgrade the all idea Our move was to add an international star to our famous duo: and Pharell was our first choice. Then we decided to continue our saga on the web,because our target was there but not on Youtube because making another video with a different story wasn’t what we wanted. We wanted to let people participate to writing the story, and we wanted make it with something never seen before on the internet, as we always do. So we decided to let our fans decide even for this third campaign, by feeling the words of our socialbook.