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Product/ServiceBURGER KING
Entrant Company BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Production Company FRENZY Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed Chérif BUZZMAN Ceo/Creative Director
Thomas Granger BUZZMAN Vice President
Julien Levilain BUZZMAN Associate Director
Mickael Krikorian BUZZMAN Art Director
Victor Sidoroff BUZZMAN Art Director
Mickael Krikorian BUZZMAN Copywriter
Victor Sidoroff BUZZMAN Copywriter
Ugo Guillermo BUZZMAN Artistic Director Assistant
Aurélie Femenias BUZZMAN Artistic Director Assistant
Pierre Guengant BUZZMAN Account Manager
Loïc Coelho BUZZMAN Account Executive
Julien Scaglione BUZZMAN Head Of Social Media
Thomas Schmitt BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
Cyril Paglino BUZZMAN Head Of Communication/Pr
Clara Bascoul Gauthier BUZZMAN Communication/Pr Manager
Bérénice Charles BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager
Carole Rousseau BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager

The Campaign

This whole campaign is about using the World Cup passionate context to prove our fan’s fervor. To do so, we built a promotion instore called Whopper Fanatic and ask our fans an impossible challenge: choose between their team or the whopper. During the 3 weeks of competition, we then asked our fans to demonstrate that nothing can beats a whopper by coming with their favorite teams shirt while they are playing. If they were ready to miss a match of their team for a whopper, we gave them one for free. This was clearly a great PR example cause contrary to the numerous official sponsors that spent series of millions to be visible we had to do the same with no mass media investment and at that time only 5 restaurants in France… We then bet everything on the potential virality, impact and resonance of the campaign. Journalist, influencers and bloggers were then our core target and 1st receiver of our campaign. A PR kit with embroidered Whopper Fanatic scarp was then sent to them a day before the launch to get them seduced, clear and involved about our unconventional strategy during this period.

The Brief

This campaign and the dilemma we gave to our fans was set to prove their love and fanaticism for the brand. A love that is stronger than anything in the world… even to the World Cup.


After 3 weeks of competition and without paying to be an official sponsor of the Fifa World Cup, we succeeded in reaching potentially more than 14 million people, get more than 38 000 shares about the campaign and obtained about 3 million euros in earned media.


The campaign run in our 5 restaurants at that time (1 in Paris, 2 in Marseille, 1 in Beaune and 1 in Reims) from the 12th of june to 13th of july 2014 only during the game’s time with no obligation to purchase and available only once per day. All people had to do was to miss the game of their team and come to our restaurants with the jersey of their team while they are playing.

The Situation

That’s a fact: Burger King fans are well known in the world for their passion and love for the brand. And after 15 years of absence, we wanted to prove that France is no exception to the rule. And to prove that for Burger King’s fans nothing can beat Burger King and its iconic Whopper, we decided to compare ourself the other most passionate and expected event in the world: The Fifa World Cup.

The Strategy

To mesure our fan’s fervor we decided to ask them this impossible challenge: chose between their team or the WHOPPER. We built an horribly crual promotion in restaurants: WHOPPER® FANATIC to invite the supporters to miss a match of their favorite team for a whopper. If they are ready and passionate enough to do so, we gave them a Whopper for free. During the 3 weeks of competition, from the 12th of june to 13th of july 2014, we offered our fans to come to Burger King instead of watching the 64 games of this World Cup. The promotion turned every day in our restaurants with daily matchs (of course only during the games’ time and only to eat in), to let every supporter from every country face this crucial dilemma and prove us that nothing can beat the Whopper… not even the World Cup.