Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceBURGER KING
Entrant Company BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed Chérif BUZZMAN Ceo/Creative Director
Thomas Granger BUZZMAN Vice President
Julien Levilain BUZZMAN Associate Director
Mickael Krikorian BUZZMAN Art Director
Victor Sidoroff BUZZMAN Art Director
Mickael Krikorian BUZZMAN Copywriter
Victor Sidoroff BUZZMAN Copywriter
Pierre Cognard BUZZMAN Artistic Director Assistant
Ugo Guillermo BUZZMAN Artistic Director Assistant
Pierre Guengant BUZZMAN Account Manager
Loïc Coelho BUZZMAN Account Executive
Julien Scaglione BUZZMAN Head Of Social Media
Thomas Schmitt BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
Loris Bernardini BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
Cyril Paglino BUZZMAN Head Of Communication/Pr
Clara Bascoul Gauthier BUZZMAN Communication/Pr Manager
Bérénice Charles BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager
Carole Rousseau BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager
Anna Perrin BURGER KING Marketing Project Manager Assistant

The Campaign

This whole campaign is about answer to people impatience about Burger King’s come back in France. Indeed, despite of all efforts people are getting impatient and complain because we never go too fast for them and because the queue to enter our restaurants is getting longer and longer. The brief was then to face people’s impatience and turn this negative atmosphere into something positive for the brand. To do so, we decided to answer people’s complains directly. How? By selecting some representative tweets (expressing how angry or disappointed might be our fans) and answer them directly in a big and personalised way… on our construction panels. We printed these angry tweets on the front of our upcoming restaurants to make every new openning a direct answer to their anger in a personnalised and funny way (each answer was though to have fun of their complain to turn this into something positive). The campaign took its real sense when we decided to relay it on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Despite of our modest audience, the impact was huge and everyone talked, interacted and shared our action. At the end, the reception of the campaign was really good to our fans (some are even trying to seduce us by writting fake tweets in order to be printed on our next construction pannels) and widely to everyone who has been exposed to the campaign and who massively congrats the brand for its innovation and self-mockery.

The Brief

The goals of this action were numerous; first, we wanted to answer our fans impatience and anger in an original, personalised and big way. Secondly, we wanted to create a social and PRable tool in order to enlarge our audience and build a strong fan’s community. And lastly, this campaign was set to define a specific tone, an ownable and disruptive universe that help us build the brand iconic image on the French market.


The reception of the campaign was indeed very good to our fans (some are even trying to seduce us by writting fake tweets in order to be printed on our next construction pannels) and widely to everyone who has been exposed to the campaign and who massively congrats the brand for its innovation and self-mockery. The quantitative results are still in progress (cause the discussions and impacts about it never really stopped) but at that time, we counted more than 80 000 retweets and about 17 million people potentially reached by the campaign. The entire campaign has costed us only 5 000 euros for an estimated 5 million euros of earned media. Our fan base, amused by our actions is still growing from less than 6K fans before our first angry tweet’s reaction to almost 38K fans today.


It all starts with the selection of a representative complaining tweet in the city where we are implanting next. Once it has been approved by the brand, we contacted the selected guy to have its personal approval and assignment of all rights of action for the campaign but to not spoil, we never told him what would be the usage of its tweet. And this is where it can be difficult because we can’t oblige people to let us use their tweet. In case of agreement we start to produce the construction panel. To do so, we worked in fabrication teams to deliver them a panel adapted to their need. All of this process need to be done quickly in order to fit with the construction plan, to keep the secret of the opening until we decide to reveal it and not spoil our fans surprise.

The Situation

The long absence of Burger King has generated a lot of frustration and rumours from our devoted fans. So we needed to maintain the passion of our fans beyond the launch and get them engaged with the brand with limited financial ressources and few restaurants openings. This campaign is the best proof of this PR ambition because above the direct and personnalised answered we gave to our complaining fans (by selecting some angry twitters), we turned this campaign into a viral and succeed to reach a larger target thanks to the social and traditional media impacts we had.

The Strategy

The planning of this campaign is linked to our development planning. Each time we open a new restaurant, each time we arrive in a new town, we decided to face our local fans anger and select one representative tweet of a fan complaining about the brand.