2020 Brand Experience & Activation


Short List
Category D03. Use of Social & Digital Platforms
Name Company Position
Gregory Ginterdaele Ogilvy Social.Lab Executive Creative Director
Antoinette Ribas Ogilvy Social.Lab Senior Art Director & Concept Provider
Awie Erasmus Ogilvy Social.Lab Regional Strategy Director
Caroline Charles Ogilvy Social.Lab Account Director
Morgane Morel Ogilvy Social.Lab Account Manager
Elliot Steed Ogilvy Social.Lab Senior Social Media Strategist
Fernando Carreira Monsterboy Website creator and developer
Lara Silber Ogilvy Social.Lab Motion Designer
Xavier Vanderplancke Ogilvy Social.Lab Graphic Designer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

This campaign demonstrably played a significant role in helping sell the new LURVIG collection through an online website acting as a HUB. The website transformed IKEA online product catalog into relaxing music albums for dogs and cats, giving owners a good reason to browse through it! But we did not stop there, we also you use a sophisticated social media approach on Facebook & Instagram, using formats such as Collection Ad & Instant Experience to bring the playlists to the social space and eventually drive the sales both online and offline.


IKEA, leader in design and innovation, is always looking for ways to bring solutions and simplify its customer’s lives. In 2019, IKEA launched its new LURVIG catalog, a furniture collection designed for pets. However, studies showed people do not consider IKEA as a place to buy pet furniture. This is why IKEA challenged us to change this perception by bringing added value to pet owners beyond their products and of course sell the new collection.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Our insight was rooted into a simple truth: pets hate being home alone, they get stressed and destroy furniture. That’s because they miss their owners, but also because they miss their own furniture. However, music proved itself to be a powerful calming force. And that is how IKEA Pets Tunes was born. On World Animal Day, we launched the campaign by transforming IKEA online product catalog into relaxing music albums for dogs and cats, giving owners a good reason to browse through it! The playlists were composed by sound engineers who followed animal behaviorists and musicologists’ advices. Users could choose from playlists like: “Never bite the sofa again” or “Curtains are not for climbing” and browse through 200 tracks such as “Oops I bit it again” or “Rolling in the Sheets”. Each track was illustrated with an item of the collection facilitating the purchase with a “buy” call to action.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Our objectives were two-fold: to promote the playlist landing page and sell the animal friendly LURVIG collection. We use a social media only approach, focussing on Facebook & Instagram, as these two platforms allow us to target precisely our audience: animals lovers. Not only did we target animal lovers through point of interests, but we combined those keywords with furniture-based ones, in order to have the most complete and unique audience. We first targeted our animals’ and furniture lovers with an awareness message and then followed up with consideration messages using our playlists as a hook in order to drive the sale. We split the funnel in two with one consideration message distributed to dog lovers and the other to cat lovers. We personalized creatives according to the right playlist and interacted with the audience through a fun and engaging format.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We ran a dedicated campaign between October 4th to the 31rst on social media (Facebook & Instagram) leveraging unique creative assets with a fun and engaging tone of voice. This was key to reach our objectives of promoting the playlist website and sell the LURVIG collection. We took users through a funnel where a series of videos introduced the innovative playlists, followed by a poll ad in the consideration layer where it engaged our audience by asking what kind of music was most exciting for their pets. Finally, through the launch of a collection ad we were able to drive the sales of the collection both online and offline. Thanks to the offline conversion tracking feature, we were able to track the sales both online and in the physical store. Influencer content and UGC were also promoted as stories in parallel to the IKEA campaign assets.

List the results (30% of vote)

This is how for the first time IKEA sold its furniture not through its traditional catalogue but through pet relaxing playlists. The campaign’s solid framework and innovative concept format achieved success. 60% of our target was reached. From the 1.5M, 66% of them generated a video view (15% higher than benchmark). 45K users visited the Pet Tunes playlist with an average session duration of 6 minutes. We achieved the lowest bounce rate of 1,97% proving how resonating and engaging our content was. 98% of the users who arrived on the landing page, visited another page. IKEA’s first Facebook video poll ad was a success receiving 18K immediate answers. But that’s not all, 4 months later Spotify decided to take the idea to launch its own pets’ playlist.