2020 Brand Experience & Activation


Short List
Category F01. Integrated Campaign led by Brand Experience & Activation
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement PHD Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production CAMP DAVID Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 MANDARIN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 3 NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 4 HOUSE AGENCY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production CAMP DAVID Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production 2 MANDARIN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production 3 HOUSE AGENCY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Jeanette Asteborg Volkswagen Sweden Marketing Director
Carl Sundstedt Volkswagen Sweden Commercial Manager
Sara Brunfelter Volkswagen Sweden Content Manager
Marcus Thomasfolk Volkswagen Sweden Head of Communication
Maja Björklén NORD DDB Stockholm Client Director
Linda Lonaeus NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB Stockholm Chief Creative Officer
Simon Higby NORD DDB Stockholm Creative Lead
Anna Salonen NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Daga Simonsson NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Per Sundin NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Hans Malm NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Susanne Johansson NORD DDB Stockholm PR Director
Johan Rynell NORD DDB Stockholm Planner
Jonas Eriksson NORD DDB Stockholm Social Media & Content Manager
Martin Thor NORD DDB Stockholm Designer
Peter Danielsson NORD DDB Stockholm Designer
Mikael Norberg NORD DDB Stockholm Designer
Sebastian Reinbring NORD DDB Stockholm Designer
Mattias Nordenham NORD DDB Stockholm Digital Designer
Erik Hagström NORD DDB Stockholm Interactive Producer
Prince Talhaoui NORD DDB Stockholm Technical Director
Jacob Fagerström House Agency Agency Producer
Oskar Wrangö Camp David Director
Jallo Faber Camp David DP
Fredrik Åkerström Camp David Editor
Håkan Eriksson Camp David Music
Nicke Jacobsson Camp David Colorist
Wille Rising Camp David Online
Robert Feniger Camp David Producer
Rickard Edholm Camp David EP
John Mattisson Mandarin Still photo
Joachim Thimsporr PhD Business Director
Elias Svedberg PhD Digital Client Manager

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

When Volkswagen launched their new winter-adjusted, four-wheel drive Passat Alltrack, they wanted to make people talk about it by proving how winter-proof the car really is. That's why Volkswagen launched a remote showroom in the car's natural habitat, somewhere far up north in Sweden. The twist? The first person to find it, won the car. We used all touchpoints in the winter campaign to activate the competition and help people find the car. The activation was orchestrated on social media and centered around a campaign site where the codes we hid in campaign elements unlocked the coordinates to the car.


Volkswagen cars are specifically adjusted for the Swedish winter. For their 2019 winter campaign, they wanted to highlight their new, four-wheel drive Passat Alltrack. The brief was to talk about the car and its winter adjusted features in an engaging way that stands out from other car brands, while also activating Volkswagen’s sponsorship of the Swedish national cross-country SkiTeam.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

To show how winter-adjusted the Passat Alltrack really is, we placed it in its natural habitat by launching the world’s most remote showroom – The No Show…Room. It’s hard to get to, but easy to drive away from – in a four-wheel drive Volkswagen Passat Alltrack. To activate the campaign, we announced that the first person to find the showroom, wins the car.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

By building an activation around Passat Alltrack's unique selling point, and turning it into a competition, we engaged tens of thousands of people online in a two-week long hunt for clues in Volkswagen's channels. And as a result, people got to know everything about the car, its features and Volkswagen’s winter adjusted car models.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Instead of following the 'classic car ad formula', we launched the showroom via a TVC trailer for the competition, made by the guy who shot the latest James Bond movie, and starring the Swedish national SkiTeam – a group with a huge advantage in challenging terrains. Then we announced that the first person to show up, gets the car. To help people find it, we shared clues online and offline. The clues led to codes that unlocked the coordinates to the showroom. In order to create the most conversation, the campaign was social-first. The activation centered around a campaign site and Volkswagen’s Instagram, but we hijacked the entire winter campaign and planted codes in all touchpoints – including Volkswagen’s website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, newsletter, TVCs, print ads, digital out of home ads and Google ads. We also planted codes in SkiTeam’s social channels and a global Tour de Ski broadcast.

List the results (30% of vote)

· #1 most-sold car brand in Sweden during campaign period · +60% price quotes & test drives at dealerships · +60.1% followers on Instagram · #1 most talked about car brand online · +669% traffic to website / four-wheel drive car models · +22% uplift in Passat Alltrack sales during campaign period