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Category A01. Data-enhanced Creativity
Idea Creation HAVAS TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
Media Placement HAVAS MEDIA TURKEY Istanbul, TURKEY
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Ergin Binyıldız Havas İstanbul Chief Creative Officer
Volkan Dalkılıç Havas İstanbul Executive Creative Director
Ömer Ceran Havas İstanbul Senior Copywriter
Hasan Yıldırım Havas İstanbul Senior Art Director
Ekrem Ertürk Düzel Havas İstanbul Art Director
Melike Erdemir Havas İstanbul Graphic Designer
Gözde Bilir Havas İstanbul Agency Producer
Sıla Salgın Havas İstanbul Agency Producer
Berk Yılmaz Havas İstanbul Client Services Director
Hare Lilya Ganiç Havas İstanbul Account Supervisor
Asya Biçer Havas İstanbul Account Executive
İrem Aycı Havas İstanbul Jr.Account Executive
Zihni Başsaray Havas İstanbul Other Credits

Why is this work relevant for Creative Data?

Finish Water Index is a brand-new index based on the amount of useable water in Turkey. With the help of Turkish Industrial and Development Bank the amount of water in dams; industrial, agricultural and household water consumption are measured regularly. And then all these data are turned into a value between 70 and 130. 70 is the drought level and 130 is the abundance of water.


Situation: The fact that three-quarters of the world is water and Turkey is surrounded by seas creates the feeling that water is infinite. Although 74% of the world is water, the amount of usable water is only 0.0006%. Brief: The brief is to show people that there is a limited amount of water, to draw attention to Turkey's problems and to invite people to save water. Objectives: Our objectives are to show people true value of water. To create an awareness for our limited water reserves. To start a movement and to make people save more.

Describe the Creative idea / data solution (20% of vote)

We in Turkey start the day with this question: What is the value of Dollar/Euro? During the day, we check the increase in foreign currency at many moments of the day. Ironically, we do not check the condition of our water resources, which is much more vital than these currencies. With the help of well-respected Turkish Industrial Development Bank (TSKB) we created an index which shows the value of water: Finish Water Index. The index is calculated by measuring the occupancy rate at dams, consumption in agriculture, industry and household. The index is now 86, which is just above the critical value 70. As the index takes its place in our lives, we will understand the value of water better.

Describe the data driven strategy (30% of vote)

Turkish economy is not promising. The most popular investment choice is buying foreign currencies. The value of Dollar and Euro is in everybody’s radar. First, we wanted a brand-new index which shows true amount of useable water in Turkey. We worked with Turkish Industrial and Development Bank (TSKB) which is a well-respected institution on data gathering. Then we identified 4 main fields: The amount of water in dams; the amount of water consumption in industry, agriculture and households. We combined all these data and turned into a one single number between 70 and 130. And that’s the Water Index. Below 70 is the drought level; above 130 is the abundance of water.

Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output (30% of vote)

We created an index which shows the remaining of useable water in Turkey. With the help of Turkish Industrial and Development Bank, we have gathered the amount of water in dams; the amount of consumption in industry, agriculture and households. To simplify it we turned all these data to one single number: Water Index Then we identified the boundaries of the index. The numbers will be between 70 and 130. 70, the low end means the drought. And 130, high end, means abundance of water. We want to make water index as popular as currency rates. Therefore, we place it next to Dollar and Euro in every single platform (TV channels, web sites, newspapers…).

List the data driven results (20% of vote)

Although the Finish Water Index has just entered our lives, we have already started to feel its impact. The index is now next to the dollar and gold in Turkish news and economy channels Bloomberg HT and CNN Türk; in the websites of Turkish newspapers Milliyet, Hürriyet, CNN Türk, Haber Türk and Sabah. The Finish Water Index page on Yarınınsuyu.com was visited by 80,000 people in its second week. The page was viewed 155,000 times in the first two weeks. Earned media is 500.000 USD.