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Category E05. Use of Licenced or Adapted Music
Entrant ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement ABBY PRIEST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production NEW LAND Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production CHIMNEY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Oskar Hellqvist Abby Priest Creative Director
Louise Lundqvist Abby Priest PR Director
Andreas Morne Abby Priest Project Manager
Johanna Lindberg Abby Priest PR Specialist
Ebba Lindqvist Freelane PR Specialist
Louise Persson Abby Priest Production Manager
Elin Albinsson Abby Priest Coordinator
David Alledal Abby Priest Copywriter
Sebastian Brännén Abby Priest Art Director
Lukas Andersson Abby Priest Designer
Fredrik Moberg Abby Priest Creative Intern
Kristofer Englund Abby Priest Creative Intern
Marcus Ibanez New Land Director
Sophie Tamm Christensen New Land Executive Producer
Sophie Tamm Christensen New Land Executive Producer, Video
Ylva Axell Abby Priest Producer
Erik Henriksson New Land Director Of Photography
Joakim Stephensson New Land Choreographer
André Brink Universal Music Music Supervisor
Jonas Holst Universal Music Music Supervisor
Karin Dreijer Berts Songs Composer & Writer
Olof Dreijer Berts Songs Composer & Writer
Pontus Winnberg Amason Executive Producer, Music
Amason Members of the band Amason Music Artist

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

We turned the heartbeat of a child with congenital heart disease into music. Storytelling and creativity that highlighted a heartbreaking issue, turning brand messaging into an unskippable piece of art and culture.


The Situation Over 1.3 million babies are born each year with congenital heart disease. Making it the most common birth defect in the world. Despite that fact, it’s an issue with very low general awareness. The Brief Hjärtebarnsfonden (The Heartchild Foundation) is a Swedish charitable organization that funds research and supports children with congenital heart disease and their families. In the fall of 2020, the foundation wanted to raise awareness of the issue and drive donations.

Describe the creative idea

Every year over 2000 children in Sweden are born with congenital heart defects. One-year-old Dante was born with three. In collaboration with indie supergroup Amason we sampled Dante’s heartbeat and used it to create a new version of the song ”Heartbeats” by The Knife. We launched the song on major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon along with a music video, on WHO’s International World Heart Day September 29. Every time someone listens or watches the proceeds go to Hjärtebarnsfonden.

Describe the strategy

This piece of work aims to reach the hearts and minds of people by mixing brutal reality with art. The unique version of ”Heartbeats” was completed through a collaboration between Hjärtebarnsfonden (The Heartchild Foundation), Universal Music Publishing Group (The Knife) and indie supergroup Amason.
 By filtering the meaning of the lyrics through the eyes of a parent of a child with congenital heart disease, the song gives a glimpse into their reality. While the original lyrics are a tale about lovers' passion, here they are given new meaning. Lines like ”One night to push and scream” become about childbirth, ”The colors red and blue” about ambulance sirens and whether you’re religious or not, the line ”Asking for help from above, to lean on, wouldn’t be good enough” sends a clear message - these children need your help.

Describe the execution

The song was made the centerpiece of an integrated campaign launching on WHO:s International World Heart Day on September 29 spanning to October 13. It was released on major music platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Deezer, Amazon Music, and Pandora. The song and story about the project were spread through PR, social media, influencers, and own channels. Together with production company and director, who is the uncle to a girl with CHD (Congenital Heart Disease), a 5-minute music video was produced. The music video also functioned as an ad for the foundation and was edited down to also fit shorter formats. The video was published on Youtube and also aired primetime in full on Swedish television. To create donations we also drove traffic to a campaign site using digital out of home (DOOH), display banner ads, print ads, and social ads.

Describe the outcome

Monetary Goals: Goal: 100% increase in smartphone donations compared to corresponding campaign week in 2019. Results: 133% increase. Surpassed by 33%. Member Goals: Goal 1: 200% increase in new members per week compared to a corresponding average week in 2019. Results: Hjärtebarnsfonden got 1175% more members per week, compared to a corresponding average week in 2019. Surpassed by 487,5% Goal 2: 2% increase in the total amount of monthly donors compared to the corresponding campaign week in 2019. Results: 7,7% increase. Surpassed by 285%. Awareness Goals: Goal 1: 5% increased brand awareness Results: 7,65% increase. Surpassed by 53%. Goal 2: 5 million earned media reach. Results: 24,75 million in PR/TV/Radio. (Two appearances on Swedens biggest television channel. Seven airings on the radio). Surpassed by 395%. Goal 3: Goal: 50 000 streams and views of the song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Results: 140 000 streams and views. Surpassed by 180%