Category B07. Use of Digital Platforms
Entrant PHD Barcelona, SPAIN
Idea Creation PHD Barcelona, SPAIN
Media Placement PHD Barcelona, SPAIN
Additional Company GAMING HOUSE MEDIA Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Chema Cuesta PHD Media Spain Content Director
Gemma Jané PHD Media Spain Project Manager
Samuel Riesgo PHD Media Spain Creative Strategist
Anna March PHD Media Spain Brand Lead
Jose María Roca de Viñals DDB ES Barcelona Chief Creative Officer
Jaume Badia DDB ES Barcelona Creative Director
Miriam Gonzalez DDB ES Barcelona Account Director
Francisco Cásserly DDB ES Barcelona Copywriter
Àlex Marull DDB ES Barcelona Art Director
Vicky Moñino DDB ES Barcelona Producer

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Pixel to Asphalt introduces the brand to e-Sports using channels, media and formats, unexplored by Audi until now. Pixel to Asphalt is an Audi competition within the popular video game Gran Turismo Sport where players drive Audi’s most iconic models, competing in motor races, with the participation of influencers and anonymous players. The integration of Audi in the video game was very organic, since one of its models was present within GTSport, which made it easier for players to connect with Audi. The activation matched owned, paid and earned media, besides happening on Playstation and being broadcasted on Twitch.


During the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 crisis in Spain, the motorsport competitions stopped and their fans missed the excitement of the races. In general terms, the consumer was more open than ever to discovering new forms of entertainment, in a totally digital context. Faced with this situation, PHD Spain in collaboration with DDB Spain, worked on a proactive proposal for the Audi brand by identifying this situation and with the purpose of offering motorsport and brand fans a unique digital experience, communicating in new media and formats , in a new environment for the brand: e-Sports. Our objective was to introduce the brand in the world of e-Sports in a big way and position it in the top of mind of fans of motorsport, associating the Audi brand with innovation, technology and power.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

We realized that the advertising market was changing due to the lockdown situation, so analyzing all data we understand that we should make the leap. Online advertising media, specially entertainment and video games were living a gold moment, a peak of visibility and were catching attention from a broader audience than what it was usual. To remain in the consumer’s top of mind, and have a strong brand presence, besides following Audi brand motto (to the progressive and innovative), we proposed to the brand to capitalize a whole new environment for them: e-Sports world. The idea was not just have a testimonial print, but to create something big, owned and branded by the brand: a fully branded Video games competition on one of the most popular games: Gran Turismo Sport. This is how Pixel to Asphalt was born.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

This activation was not directed at a traditional demographic segment, not categorized by sex / age, but rather by a shared common interest: the love of motorsport and e-Sports. Understanding this shared interest as a defining nerve center of the target audience, this was the perfect opportunity for Audi to impact a new audience. A captive audience for the new media that gives access to the following of these competitions and very sensitive to the entry of new brands, which they perceive positively since they see them as facilitating brands to remain connected to their passion. The integration of Audi in the video game was very organic, since one of its models was present in Gran Turismo Sport, which made it easier for the players and the public to connect with Audi.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The competition started on June 5, 2020 and came to an end on June 14, 2020. But it took more than two months to implement the action. Pixel to Asphalt was a fully branded competition within the popular video game Gran Turismo Sport in which the most iconic models were involved, competing in motor races. Everything in the competition have Audi’s look&feel: name, hosts uniforms, visual elements and customized cars with which the players played. The dynamics was simple: to get registered on the tournament and overcoming the challenges in Gran Turismo Sport races, against the best players in the country. The winner would speed up an Audi R8 on a real circuit in the real world. The activation orchestrated owned and paid (Twitter with pre-roll formats, photo website card; Instagram with Stories swipe up format); influencers (Simracing, SaxoGaming and Flowstreet); besides happening on Playstation and being broadcasted on Twitch.

List the results (30% of vote)

With Pixel to Asphalt, we managed to connect with a young audience, fans of motorsport that we had not been able to appeal until now, so the action represents an opportunity to expand the spectrum of targets related to the brand, who connect with it from a much more meaningful perspective. Audi earned: +2000 new followers on the Twitter account, +33,000 unique viewers on Twitter. +41,000 views of the competition on Twitch. Several earned media on the most important trade / motor Spanish digital magazines. marcha-competicion-pixel-to circuito-real-2020 sports-competicion-finaliza-circuito-real.1.html anuncian-una-competicion-que-fusiona-simracing-y-realidad 1160159008001/audi-desdibuja-fronteras-de-videojuegos-de-carreras.1.html