Category B04. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Media Placement DUKE & GRACE Gent, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Karlien Van Herck NN Belgium Client
Izzy Van Aelst NN Belgium Client
Manuel Ostyn Wunderman Thompson Creative Director
Pieter Staes Wunderman Thompson Creative Director
Jolien Tuyteleers Wunderman Thompson Creative
Kate Bellefroid Wunderman Thompson Creative
Tine Sinnaeve Wunderman Thompson Long Copywriter
Joeri Quinet Wunderman Thompson Long Copywriter
Stephanie Katic Wunderman Thompson Account Director
Sarah Savoir Wunderman Thompson Account Manager
Hanne 't Kindt Wunderman Thompson Account Executive
Jet Vervenne Wunderman Thompson Account Manager
Dimitri De Lauw Wunderman Thompson Strategy
Sébastien Greffe Wunderman Thompson Designer
Inge Vanhees Wunderman Thompson Designer
Kenny Smet Wunderman Thompson Designer
Virginie Rosseel Wunderman Thompson Designer
Charlotte Slegers Wunderman Thompson Designer
Nathalie Wlostowski Wunderman Thompson Designer
Anja Van den Broeck Wunderman Thompson Desktop Publisher
Ingeborg Van Hoof Wunderman Thompson Producer
Jonathan Kauffman Wunderman Thompson Producer
Sofie Verschaeren Wunderman Thompson Agency Producer
Pieter Neirynck Wunderman Thompson Freelance
Menno Van Riet Wunderman Thompson Sound Engineer
Karel Van Gucht Wunderman Thompson Editor
Mikael Naudet Wunderman Thompson Editor
Bert Kruismans Uitgeverij Vrijdag Writer
Guido Eekhaut Uitgeverij Vrijdag Writer
Isabelle Wéry Uitgeverij Vrijdag Writer

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Insurance company NN wanted to promote its ‘Lifelong Income’ pension plan. Because people often postpone thinking about the distant future, we disguised the message as a fairy tale book. In “Did They Live Happily Ever After?” 3 famous writers created the sequels to Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. While discovering what actually happened after the famous happily ever after, people spontaneously reflected on their own pension. 2.500 books were released. NN brokers used Golden editions as a sales tool. An online pension test gave people access to the e-book. All this resulted in +170% more traffic to Lifelong Income.


People want a carefree pension. Despite the fact that there is no confidence in the government to ensure a comfortable statutory pension, few Belgians take action to work on a comfortable pension themselves. However, insurance company NN has quite a few options to do that, including its retirement plan called 'lifelong income'. The main objective for this campaign was therefore to make our target audience think about their pension and at the same time promote its ‘Lifelong Income’ pension plan.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

We all dream of a long and happy life. But will your pension become a fairy tale? Each fairy tale ends with the words ""... and they lived happily ever after"". But how long and happy is that? To make people think about their future in a fun way, we used this creative insight and disguised our message as a fairy tale book. In “Did They Live Happily Ever After?” 3 famous writers created the sequels to Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The design of the book looked exactly like children's fairy tale books. Funny elements made people curious about the new-written stories. While discovering what actually happened after the ‘happily ever after’, people were influenced to reflect on their own pension.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Research from the National Pension Survey shows that our target audience dreams of a pension where there is enough time and space to travel, for family and for hobbies. The time when grandmas and grandpas sat on the couch all day is past: going on trips, discovering new hobbies, going to concerts ... They want a carefree pension. At the same time, they know that a statutory pension will probably not be enough to achieve that. Still, people postpone thinking about the subject, because retirement seems so far away. Barely 11% of Belgians make proper financial preparations for their retirement. With this unique fairytale book, NN wants to bridge expectations and reality. The book has a clear mission: to make people think in a fun and unexpected way about their pension and about what a longer and happy life could mean.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

2.500 books were presented in book stores, e-shops and at the Belgian book fair. The design looked exactly like classic fairy tale books. Funny elements made people curious about the new-written stories. Golden limited editions were crafted for NN brokers to use as a sales tool. The last page was an ad for Lifelong Income encouraging everyone to take a look at nn.be. The campaign was supported on digital. Excerpts from the book were read by storytellers on social media and other fairytale characters shared their funny review of the book. An online pension test gave people free access to the e-book.

List the results (30% of vote)

+170% more traffic to Lifelong Income