Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement STARCOM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Ann Ystén Perfect Fools Client Lead
Klas Lusth Perfect Fools Executive Creative Director
Nayeli Kremb Perfect Fools Art Director
Petter Esbjörnsson Perfect Fools Copywriter
Sebastian Snygg Perfect Fools Copywriter
Mattias Mattisson Perfect Fools Design Director
Marc Scherlin Perfect Fools Designer
Cattis Håkansson Perfect Fools Producer
Tobias Brandt Perfect Fools Strategy Director
John Sigfridsson Perfect Fools Planner
Joakim Ohlsson Perfect Fools PR Manager
Petra Winberg Fazer Brand & Category Director Froosh
Julia Weijola Fazer Brand Manager Froosh
Erika Jureskog Fazer Communication Sweden

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The campaign concept ’It’s Just Fruit’ was about showing that fruit is just fruit, minding their own fruit business and doing ordinary everyday fruit stuff, just like you and me. This idea combined with a simple execution of stock images with easy-to-write headlines allowed us to be extremely relevant, contextual and fast-moving, making it possible to tailor every ad to each unique media spot. This way we could utilize not only the media display itself, but also its location, timing, surrounding, context, appearance, target group, etc.


Situation and brief: Froosh is a high-quality smoothie company that primarily functions on the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian market. As Froosh has seen it’s market share dip across all three primary markets Perfect Fools was given the task to produce the launch-campaign - for Frooshs new brand - that would swing the share-tide for Froosh. The smoothie markets are very competitive from a communicative standpoint. As purchases are largely spontaneous, ‘top of mind’ becomes a critical component for success, something Froosh’s competitors have invested a lot of money in. The primary challenge for this case has hence been to achieve high levels of awareness and top of mind with a very low budget - 24 000 € in production. Objectives: Objective - defend market share: Market share change +/-0 % Objective - awareness: Increased ad awareness Increased top of mind Media measurement: Impressions

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

By using cheap stock images of fruit and adding an imaginative headline we made the fruits come to life by simply describing what they were up to. The creative idea was molded by two combining factors: the limited production budget and the competitor’s endless bragging of USP’s. How could Froosh possibly shout louder than the competitors? The answer: they couldn’t. In contrast, it became evident that Froosh would only be heard by being smarter with less. Contextual flexibility became the priority. Portraying stock picture of fruit as living beings became the solution. Once we realised fruit’s uncanny resemblance to people doing various types of activities (e.g. taking a selfie, sweeping the floor, hugging a friend) the cost-efficient potential dawned on us. We’d have the ability to produce a ton of contextually relevant units for next to zero additional cost.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Based on the creative foundation the strategy consisted of matching the message of the fruit-units with relevant contexts for our target audience. Froosh’s target audience have modern, big-city mindsets. They wake up, commute, work, then sleeps. They are richer in money than time and don’t mind paying a little extra when opportunities for indulgence arise. The strategy has henceforth been to place Froosh at the top of consumers' minds in situations close to purchase, such as the commute from work; this through gaining their attention with humoristic and contextually relevant units.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

What’s primarily made the campaign successful is it’s contextual flexibility. The fact that copy, visual and message can seamlessly be adapted for any channel or societal context is unique. The strategy was hence implemented through several channels to match the different contexts which were relevant to the target group. OOH were a central of part of the campaign execution and used in hot spots in Stockholm and Helsinki. More “personalised” units were used in more specific contexts, such as the “This is just fruit manspreading”-unit in subways or the “This is just fruit doing its morning situps”-unit in YouTube-bumpers for Health and Welfare-videos. The communication campaign, including OOH, SoMe, Online Video, etc., only launched in Sweden and Finland. Only the new brand expression was launched in Norway.

List the results (30% of vote)

Objective: Market share change +/-0 Result: Market share change Finland: +2,4 % Market share change Sweden: -2,8 % Market share change Norway: -0,2 % Objective: Awareness Result: Ad awareness Sweden: 78 % increase Ad awareness Finland: 117 % increase Top of mind Sweden: 71 % increase Top of mind Finland: 57 % increase Impressions Sweden: 45 910 798 Impressions Finland: 29 291 428 (Campaign didn’t run in Norway, hence no Awareness results)