Product/ServiceDARE BY SAMSUNG
Category B04. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Idea Creation LEO BURNETT Bucharest, ROMANIA
Media Placement STARCOM Bucharest, ROMANIA
Name Company Position
Simona Panait Samsung Electronics Romania Marketing Director, Samsung Romania & Bulgaria
Livia Fericean Samsung Electronics Romania Corporate Citizenship & Public Affairs Manager
Ioana Sigarteu Samsung Electronics Romania Corporate Communication Manager
Corina Enache Samsung Electronics Romania Social Media Specialist
Diana Alexa Leo Burnett Bucharest Managing Director
Victor Stroe Leo Burnett Bucharest Associate Director & Head of Strategy
Jorg Riommi Leo Burnett Bucharest Chief Creative Officer Central Eastern Europe & Romania
Vasilije Corluka Leo Burnett Bucharest Chief Creative Officer
Andrei Nica Leo Burnett Bucharest Group Creative Director
Miruna Potop Leo Burnett Bucharest Copywriter
Silvana Frînculescu Leo Burnett Bucharest Art Director
Cătălin Grigore Leo Burnett Bucharest Art Director
Codrin Neagu Leo Burnett Bucharest Graphic Designer
Maria Sarivan Leo Burnett Bucharest Strategic Planner
Adina Redeș Leo Burnett Bucharest Brand Communication Director
Monica Iosif Leo Burnett Bucharest Senior Brand Communication Manager
Raluca Acuculiței Leo Burnett Bucharest Brand Communication Executive
Sorin Deleanu Leo Burnett Bucharest Agency Producer
Rodica Mihalache Starcom Mediavest Group Romania Head of Consumer & Business Insights
Diana Diaconescu Starcom Mediavest Group Romania Digital Account Manager
Anca Ludu Starcom Mediavest Group Romania Online Media Planner
Alina Stănescu Starcom Mediavest Group Romania Print & Radio Manager
Brîndușa Gurăroșie Starcom Mediavest Group Romania Special Projects Manager
Monica Jitariuc MSL The Practice Managing Director
Oana Bulexa MSL The Practice Managing Director
Sarah Stan-Boustani MSL The Practice PR Director
Sarah Stan-Boustani MSL The Practice Communication Director
Alina Nechifor MSL The Practice PR Manager
Alina Nechifor MSL The Practice Senior Communication Manager
Mihaela Ciocan MSL The Practice Communication Specialist

Why is this work relevant for Media?

"George Enescu" festival is one of Europe's biggest classical music festivals, but tickets are super expensive and sell out in hours. To make the festival accessible to everyone in Romania, we turned every 5 RON banknote into a "ticket". You see, the 5 RON banknote (1 EUR) carries the face of famous composer George Enescu. Using Samsung dARe app, people could simply scan it and watch the concert live on their phone. With 80 million concert "tickets" circulating the country, the "attendance" grew exponentially, proving that everyone can enjoy classical music without reaching too deep into their pocket.


GEORGE ENESCU FESTIVAL: THE MOST ESTABLISHED, YET THE MOST UNATTAINABLE MUSIC EVENT In 2019, Samsung was the technology partner of George Enescu Festival, the most prestigious classical music event in Romania, yet the most exclusive one: expensive tickets that sell out in a matter of hours always to the same old elite in Bucharest, making it impossible for most Romanians to enjoy it live. PROOF OF INNOVATION IN STIFFLY MANNERED CONTEXT Samsung took the challenge: live by its brand promise “Do what you can’t” and prove innovation can break the preconceived conventions of experiencing classical music: from who can enjoy it to how it can be enjoyed. THREE SETS OF OBJECTIVES TO TRACK THE IMPACT 1. PARTICIPATION - 10.000 app scans - 100% increase in app downloads 2. AWARENESS AND CONVERSATION - 5 million people reached5 - 30% share of stage 3. BRAND DISTINCTIVENESS - 5% increase in brand distinctiveness

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

THE 5 LEI BANKNOTE = THE PLACE WHERE ROMANIANS MEET ENESCU EVERY DAY The creative leap was to identify a solution, both accessible and omnipresent, to give all Romanians the change to experience an elite music festival with the help of technology. The solution was that one place where Romanians meet Enescu day by day, regardless of financial status or musical preferences: the Romanian 5 lei banknote. CREATIVE IDEA: THE BANKNOTE CONCERTS Bringing its promise to life, Samsung gave all Romanians the chance to experience an elite music festival at their fingertips, by turning each 5 lei banknotes into an AR marker that allowed people to simply scan it and thus experience the festival in real time, from wherever they were, directly on their smartphones and without paying a dime.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Even though initially the core target was the festival attendees (the cultural elite of Bucharest), we wanted to go broader and show how technology can demolish stereotypes. As a result, we decided to target EVERYONE IN ROMANIA THAT LOVES CLASSICAL MUSIC AND OWNS A SMARTPHONE. AUDIENCE TRUTH: NEW MUSIC CONSUMPTION PATTERNS AND NEW EXPECTATIONS FROM TECHNOLOGY The way Romanians listen to music has drastically changed, adapting to new devices and digital platforms. In the same time, their increasing expectations from technology is to be substantiated by a mindful purpose and utility, not just by specs. BRAND TRUTH: “DO WHAT YOU CAN’T” Samsung’s promise is to create human-driven innovations that defy barriers to progress. STRATEGIC APPROACH: FESTIVAL ACCESS TO EVERYONE, THROUGH TECHNOLOGY To bring its promise to life, Samsung democratized the access to the George Enescu Festival, bringing it to everyone in Romania, with the help of technology.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

DO WHAT YOU CAN’T. MINI-SCENES EVERYWHERE IN ROMANIA Samsung truly helps people do what they can’t, by allowing them to see a sold-out, exclusive music festival on a banknote, using only their mobile phones. All they had to do was download the free app “dARe by Samsung”, scan the 5 LEI banknote and live the magic of the festival through live streaming. To truly stick to the “free access for all” promise, scanning worked on all mobile phones (Android and iOS). In addition, the campaign was taken further through layered targeting on different online channels: - Media Display: people were reached on mobile through contextual targeting, demographically and based on their interests (adjacent to classical music); - Social Media: for reaching as many communities as possible, we used both Samsung’s own channels and its brand ambassadors.

List the results (30% of vote)

Samsung’s aimed to prove innovation can have a mindful purpose and a positive impact and the outcome was spectacular. 1.PARTICIPATION: - + 20.000 scans1 on the dARe by Samsung app - vs. 10.000 objective - 282% increase in app downloads2 - vs. 100% objective (from +3k to +11k2) - 1st place in App Store/Google Play in the 1st week2 2.AWARENESS: - 7.5M total reach3 - vs. 5M objective - 53% Share of Stage4 - vs. 30% objective (the most mentioned brand compared to other partners: Rompetrol 15% or Raiffesen Bank 8%) - Over 14 million media impressions3 - Over 230k euro earned media3 3.BRAND DISTINCTIVENESS - 9% increase in brand distinctiveness - vs. the 5% objective (considering Samsung’s distinctiveness was facing a 3% decline, from H2 2018 to H1 2019)1 Sources: Client data, September 2019 App Store/Google Play, September 2019 PR agency, September 2019 Zelist Monitor, September 2019