Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company VOSKHOD Yekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency VOSKHOD Yekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Andrey Gubaydullin Voskhod Creative Director
Darya Ovechkina Voskhod Copywriter
Anton Rozhin Voskhod Copywriter
Vladislav Derevyannikh Voskhod Art Director
Evgeniya Surovtseva Voskhod Designer
Kirill Ratman Voskhod Designer
Dmitry Donik Voskhod Supervisor
Nikita Beryozkin Voskhod Supervisor
Andrey Bezborodov Painter
Elena Kurash Painter
The Jukebox Blues Band Music Artists
Lyubov Makovskaya Painter
Primavera Music Artists
Gypsy Trio Romanouche Music Artists
Lyudmila Makarova Dancer
Anton Mayantsev And Anzhelika Nevtyra Dancers
Alexey Oparyshev Street/Artist
Vladimir Opalov Street/Artist


When UNO the first author's cuisine restaurant opened in Tyumen, it needed promotion badly. Because none in Tyumen knew what author's cuisine was. We decided to show people that author’s dishes are similar to works of art and turn the opening into a real art project. The city's most famous artists received very unusual invitations. To attend the opening they needed to create small pieces of art. On the opening day the restaurant was completely full. At the heart of the art project there was an experiment. Our guests shared their gastronomical impressions through works of art: paintings, music pieces and dances. All the masterpieces created that day became spectacular advertising and decorated the city streets and radio air. As a result more than 300 mass media spotlighted the opening. We received $68 000 worth of earned-media coverage. The restaurant got hundreds of positive reviews. And Tyumen had a major artistic event and the most creative advertising in the history of the city.