Winners & Shortlists


Bronze Eurobest Campaign
1 of 3 Campaign
Product/ServiceMINI BABYBEL
Category B01. FOODS
Entrant Company Y&R PARIS, FRANCE
Advertising Agency Y&R PARIS, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Frédéric Dauba/Isabelle Jacquet FROMAGERIES BEL FRANCE
Julie Régis/Dorothée Mianet/Thomas Le Thellec YOUNG/RUBICAM PARIS
Anne/Charlotte Cahne YOUNG/RUBICAM PARIS Planner
Pierrette Diaz YOUNG/RUBICAM PARIS Vp In Charge Of The Creation
Gilles Menet/Matthieu Vivinis YOUNG/RUBICAM PARIS Artistic Director
Gilles Menet YOUNG/RUBICAM PARIS Copywriter
Claire Nicaise Schindler YOUNG/RUBICAM PARIS Art Buyer
Antoine Magnien WATCHOUT Illustrator
The Shop THE SHOP Production Print

English Translation of Main Headlines

MBY suffers in some countries from a product perception issue, slowing down consumption. Because of its color, its wax, its funny aspect, people misjudged it: nobody could think that this little cheese could have been so natural, made of 98% milk. So the objective of the campaign is to fight these preconceived ideas by re-establishing its inner goodness : despite its appearance, MBY is full of milk. The idea of the campaign is to twist different iconic milk containers (from the pitcher to the jug), to suggest that MBY is full of milk. In order to make it ownable to the brand, we’ve reworked this containers with the most specific element of this product, its red wax.