Category A07. Use of Real-time Data
Entrant JAMI Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation JAMI Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement JAMI Moscow, RUSSIA
Production JAMI Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Alexander Stratilatov JAMI New Business Director
Ilya Volkov JAMI Strategy Director
Lara Gryazeva JAMI Strategist
Ivan Dyachenko JAMI Creative Director
Anastasiya Dunaeva JAMI Copywriter
Vadim Ustyuzhanin JAMI Client Service Director
Dzhamilya Shayhutdinova JAMI Account Director
Gregory Rozanov JAMI Social Media Director
Vitaly Tsygankov JAMI Art Director
Mariya Kupriyanova JAMI Designer
Sergey Maslennikov JAMI PR Director
Artem Tsaregorodtsev Zebra Hero Creative Director
Elena Samoylova Zebra Hero Creative Producer
Dmitry Scherbakov Zebra Hero Creative Producer
Elnara Yalaltdinova Zebra Hero Copywriter
Yulia Frolova Zebra Hero Copywriter
Andrey Paukov Zebra Hero Film Director
Vladimir Vaulin Zebra Hero Film Director
Dimitry Kornienko Zebra Hero Motion Designer
Konstantin Melnikov Zebra Hero Producer
Alexandra Homich Zebra Hero Producer
Ekaterina Sutormina Zebra Hero Producer
Andrey Dementiev Zebra Hero Producer
Nataliya Agapova Zebra Hero Assistant Producer
Elena Podolskaya Samsung Mobile Russia Marketing Communications Lead
Svetlana Millina Samsung Mobile Russia Marcom and COOP Part Leader

The Campaign

We suggested our client to replace flight shows on the YouTube-channel with a full long-term platform. Idea: Samsung YouTube TV – a real television within YouTube, yet all the shows are chosen by viewers! The main feature of all Samsung products is full personalization. That’s why the viewers were given an opportunity to choose the shows for the channel by themselves.

1) 40.000.000+ views, 630.000+ likes and 180.000+ new subscribers of the Samsung Russia channel. 2) 38.000.000+ reach (YouScan mentions base + succession between social networks + Agora Barometer), 44% of the Russian Internet users. 3) Samsung Russia was named No. 1 YouTube Brand by Subscribers, No. 1 YouTube Brand by Uploaded Video and the Fastest-Growing YouTube Channel in Russia (Source: Socialbakers reports, September & October 2016). 4) Current Samsung YouTube TV project (SYTV, Sep 1, 2016 - Dec 31, 2016, Russia) VS previous Samsung YouTube-channel project Battle of Bloggers 2 (BB2, Apr 10, 2015 - Jul 14, 2015, Russia) stats overview demonstrates that SYTV brought 6 times more views than BB2 and average view duration increased 2.2 times.

Our project Samsung YouTube TV is relevant for the Creative Data category because the teasers of nine different shows which were supposed to form our client's YouTube-channel's program were issued as targeted pre-rolls on YouTube. We did real-time monitoring of all the data coming from the viewers of pre-rolls and chose five shows for shooting. If the viewer had watched the video till the end, that show gained +1 vote. Thus we managed to use the common media tool in an unusual format. And shot only the shows which were chosen by the viewers.

Target Audience: the millennials and Generation Z. We defined the topics, that were interesting to our target audience: travelling, games, music, technology, series, etc. Then we launched nine short pre-rolls, where famous bloggers pithed ideas of future shows to the audience. If the viewer had watched the video till the end, the show gained +1 vote. As a result, five shows got to the finals due to the number of views, duration of the view and the number of channel visits. The episodes of these shows were shot and issued on air. Every show had cross-media interactive communication with viewers.