Category A01. Creative Data Enhancement
Idea Creation INTERONE München, GERMANY
Production INTERONE München, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Christina Rasp Interone BBDO Creative Director
Gregor Myszor Interone BBDO Creative Director
Matthias Ragossnig Interone BBDO Art Director
Dominik Schneck Interone BBDO Copywriter
Anna-Katharina Pelzel Interone BBDO Account Manager
Shin Oh Interone BBDO General Creative Director
Marco Schuster Interone BBDO Programmer

The Campaign

A common tool of online shops are recommendations based on your purchase. But how can this be used in traditional stores? No employee knows every book there is. Enter Hugendubel Smartbon. When purchasing a book, our software registers which titles is bought and uses its algorithm to scan the database of Hugendubels recommendation engine for linked an similar books. An extract of this recommendation, taken from the open database Google Books, is then printed on the sales receipt to give the reader an immediate first impression of the title. Additionally, a QR code leads directly to the item in the Hugendubel online shop. Making it very easy for customers to buy another purchase.

Hugendubel and its online store. One way we achieved this is with the recommendations which, based on the Hugendubel engine, became even more tailored to the customers taste than they were used from brick and mortar stores. The combination of excerpt and QR Code also led to more awareness for and a direct connection to the Hugendubel online store – with a simple sales receipt. All in all Hugendubel Smartbon allowed us to generate up to 55.000 contacts per day for the online store.

Hugendubel Smartbon is a smart, databased solution for a German book retailer to boost online sales by customers of its brick and mortar stores. How? By printing book recommendations, generated with the help of a custom made software and Google Books, on a sales receipt.

During payment, the ISBN code is transmitted to the API of the Hugendubel online shop’s recommendation engine. This identifies all similar books and selects the best matches based on popularity. A Google Books API is then triggered based on the title selected. Google Books contains extracts of most documented books in its database. This extract is put together, sent back to Hugendubel, and then portrayed on the sales receipt together with the book cover from the Hugendubel database.