Category A04. Data Storytelling
Idea Creation HASAN & PARTNERS Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation 2 KONE Espoo, FINLAND
Media Placement SPOON Helsinki, FINLAND
Production HASAN & PARTNERS Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 3 TRE FILM Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 4 INTO DIGITAL Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Tobias Wacker hasan & partners Oy Creative Director
Timo Huopalainen hasan & partners Oy Senior Creative, Art Director
Rasmus Stoltzenberg hasan & partners Oy Copywriter
Vesa Markonsaari hasan & partners Oy Production AD
Mia Sirkiä hasan & partners Oy Head of BtoB
Ketsia Anttila hasan & partners Oy Account Manager
Anna Nurkse hasan & partners Oy Digital Officer
Dean Clatworthy hasan & partners Oy Lead Developer
Turo van Liere hasan & partners Oy UI/UX Designer
Luca Rossi hasan & partners Oy Web Designer
Anja Boxberg KONE Oyj Director, Maintenance Marketing Global Communications & Marketing
Max Alfthan KONE Oyj Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communication
Anna-Kaisa Ehnqvist KONE Oyj Marketing Communications Manager Global Marketing & Communications
Henri Laurikka Cocoa Mediaproductions CG Supervisor and Artist
Niko Kuurne Cocoa Mediaproductions Producer
Aleksi Koskinen Tre Film Ab Photographer
Mark Terry-Lush The Honey Partnership LLP Partner, managing director
Antti Rasi Into Digital Oy Managing Director
Antti Lassila Into Digital Oy Head Developer
Jarno Kontkanen Into Digital Oy Frontend Developer
Janne Ahvenlampi Cocoa Mediaproductions Motion Graphics
Markku Mäkelä Cocoa Mediaproductions Sound Design
Jonas Bohman Cocoa Mediaproductions Digital Artist
John Broy Whiteoaks Associate Director
Lena Barner-Rasmussen Spoon Agency Director

The Campaign

Talking about AI, IoT and Machine Learning would get us nowhere. So we asked a simple question: has anyone ever HEARD machines talking to each other — in real-time? We knew the new KONE service would be able to listen to vast amounts of real-time use data from up to a million elevators — each second. We devised a way to tap into the real-time data feed between KONE elevators and the IBM Watson IoT cloud and created intelligent, human-language discussions from these. Human-language equivalents were created for each elevator and environmental variable and Watson IoT action. Thus creating a language, tone-of-voice, and personality for our elevators & AI — and making it possible for them to have conversations that people could eavesdrop on. Nobody had ever translated machine-to-machine data into audible, intelligible and shareable conversations. Until now.

The users could follow, by hearing and reading, an elevator’s real-time status updates and the AI cloud’s responses to them, and jump from elevator to elevator — in essence, eavesdropping on multiple one-on-one machine-to-machine chat. In days, Machine Conversations became a pop-culture phenomenon with consumers, the media and the industry. We reached 755 million listeners and viewers — with e.g. over 1 300 media articles ranging from USA Today to Forbes to Quartz to Financial Times to BoingBoing. KONE’s launch was a success in terms of active customer demand as well, as customers now easily understood the benefits of a complex data-enhanced offering. Proactive demand creation for the service with clients wanting to know more about it – very unusual for the very low-interest elevator maintenance business. People waited for an average of 10 messages on the website – and gathered a good understanding of a complex service in very short time. Even our cloud services partner, IBM picked up the Machine Conversations phenomenon, amplifying campaigns reach even further.

To launch KONE’s new 24/7 AI-powered elevator maintenance offering, for the first time, real-time machine-to-machine conversations were translated into human language — making it possible for people to hear what goes on in the minds of elevators and an AI-driven cloud — sparking worldwide attention and becoming a pop-culture phenomenon. All together we translated over 500 data signals into human sentence equivalents – and let people listen in real time.

To provide high-impact, incontrovertible proof of our capabilities in tracking, analyzing and predicting repair needs for elevators we collected and used vast amounts of real-time data supplied by KONE’s elevator sensor packs. We linked the sensory feed up through a custom API to our own backend and output it through IBM’s BlueMix voice synthesis for anyone to listen and also to read as intelligent and intriguing machine conversations. The conversations were written and programmed to account for changes in the over 30 variables tracked by our sensory packs, resulting in ever-changing status updates and ensuring intelligent responses to these from the cloud. This had the effect of giving each elevator and the cloud a unique tone-of-voice and personality. The execution was targeted towards media, the general public and an expert audience of AI, IoT and elevator specialists, and most crucially towards potential elevator maintenance customers. For them, we had to have a real specialists, and most crucially towards potential elevator maintenance customers. For them, we had to have a real proof, not just a proof of concept.