Gold Eurobest
Product/ServiceCLEANE KLEREN
Category A04. Data Storytelling
Idea Creation BOONDOGGLE Leuven, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Merel van den Broeck Boondoggle Creative Director
Jonas Marysse Boondoggle Art Director
Dirk Pierloot Boondoggle Art Director
Willem De Geyndt Boondoggle Copywriter
Leon Jacobs Boondoggle Executive Creative Director
Doris De Smet Boondoggle Agency Producer
Marjon Lepage Boondoggle Account Manager
Nico Croes Boondoggle Account Director
Stijn Cox Boondoggle Managing Partner - Brand Development
Jaklien Broekx Wereldsolidariteit Communications Manager
Edouard Valette Caviar Film director
Geert de Wachter Caviar Producer
Eva Van Riet Caviar Executive Producer

The Campaign

Everyday more than 650,000 Cambodians go to work in garment factories to make the sports clothes in which millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts push themselves to the limits. The conditions inside many of these factories, and the long working hours, put a huge strain on the workers.  To make athletes and sports fanatics aware of this, we wanted to show how hard these workers work in terms they could understand. That's why we conducted an undercover experiment by attaching off-the-shelf sports performance measuring gadgets to a Cambodian woman who works in a garment factory.  We measured heart rate, calories burned, humidity, hours worked and temperature to show how hard they worked. We also demonstrated how little they get paid to produce these items that are sold at a premium around the world. To further create awareness, we created a 2' online film to document our experiment, along with a 30" TV commercial (re-enactment) - asking members of the public to sign a petition to demand better working conditions for garment factory workers. 

Hours worked: 10:03:48 Maximum air humidity: 85% Maximum temperate: 34 degrees Celsius Maximum heart rate achieved: 146bpm Calories burned: 2439

Amateur and professional athletes rely on data from consumer fitness tracking devices to see how far they can push themselves. We wanted to use the same data from the same types of devices to show these sports people in what poor conditions garment workers have to push themselves to make their sports apparel. Thus, this is using the data they understand to tell a story they need to hear.

We used the following devices: - Apple Watch (Series 1) paired with iPhone 7 - Wahoo heart rate monitor - Fitbit One - Unknown integrated brand thermometer and humidity meter