Category A10. Creative Data Collection & Research
Product/ServiceVIDEO GAMES
Entrant SID LEE Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation SID LEE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Sylvain Thirache SID LEE Paris Executive Creative Director
Johan Delpuech SID LEE Paris President
Alex Pasini SID LEE Paris VP Strategy
Stephane Soussan SID LEE Paris Creative Director
Celine & Clement Mornet-Landa SID LEE Paris Creative Director
Ludovic Gontrand SID LEE Paris Art Director
Simon Lamasa SID LEE Paris Copywriter
David Bismut SID LEE Paris Digital Production Director
Thomas Laget SID LEE Paris Head of Integrated production Director
Clement Cassajus SID LEE Paris Digital Producer
Bruno Lee SID LEE Paris Deputy Managing Director
Martin Cochet SID LEE Paris Account Manager
Ambroise Soulé SID LEE Paris Strategist
- The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre Data Provider
Vess Popov The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre Business Development Director
Dr Chris Gibbons The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre Director of Health Assessment
Jana Hoferkova The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre Psychometrician
Esther Beierl The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre Psychometrician

The Campaign

Everyday we hear about a new poll, we read a new study, we’re told about new statistics that show how every piece of data that describes us alters our future: how the food we eat, the cigarettes we smoke, where we live, our gender, our age, our car make is going to alter predictions about our future life, the money we earn, the time of our death. What we wanted to do is show people what changes what and by what amount. We wanted to give users the opportunity to see how their data defines who they are for systems. We wanted to let people be the system in a way, and ultimately play with it. Predictive World is an online experience that reveals what a powerful, all-seeing algorithm can predict about an individual based on their online footprint, public information and Facebook ‘Likes’.

Predictive World was made available on a website for the EMEA area. It passed the million visits mark in the first 10 days, with a staggering average of 5 minutes spent exploring the predictions. Predictive World also got press coverage on multiple top-tier mainstream and specialized medias (The Next Web, Wired, Prosthetic Knowledge, Konbini, etc.).

Predictive World is a relevant campaign for the Creative Data category as it makes a heavy use of demographic and social data. We collected more than 6.4 billions data points to allow user to modify variables to evaluate their impact on their life. How changes in location, age, gender, height, alcohol consumption and more could impact their life expectancy, the risk of being killed in a car crash, the odds of getting married, or even their income for example.

We partnered with the Psychometrics Centre of the University of Cambridge to help collect, gather and clean the necessary data. Initial predictions are made on the basis of age, gender and location by a series of calls to large databases (WHO, Unesco, OECD, etc.) that were constructed specifically for Predictive World. Psychological predictions are generated via a set of proprietary algorithms from the Psychometrics Centre that were calibrated for the experience. Using the user’s social media data, specifically the pages that they Like on Facebook, these algorithms use machine-learning techniques to evaluate a distinct psychological profile for each user. With as few as 10 Likes matching the 130,000 Pages used in the current iteration of the algorithm, the machine prediction surpasses the accuracy of 360 degree feedback from users’ colleagues, a process commonly used in human resources. With over 300 Likes it is more accurate than users’ husband or wife.