Category E03. Innovative Use of Technology
Entrant HIQ Espoo, FINLAND
Idea Creation HIQ Espoo, FINLAND
Production HIQ Espoo, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Jesse Enqvist HiQ Head of Continuous Delivery
Cyril Moralès HiQ Mobile Developer
Adrian Simionescu HiQ Senior Software Engineer
Niko Sipilä Great Apes Creative Director
Constantin Freche Great Apes Lead Designer
Mikko Saario Great Apes Designer
Anna Puura Great Apes Designer

The Campaign

As we are moving towards mobile world, the physical wallet along its various cards and licenses is going to disappear. Yet, a digital driving license has to be as secure and easy to use as the physical license. DDL is not only about good UX and security, it plays a critical part in digitalising the whole Driving License process. User information and Driving License status are always up to date and dynamic. The user can be identified without the need for physical infrastructure, such as separate QR code readers. QR code is only to be used for extra security layer if needed. DDL will utilise standardized sensors, that are included in modern smartphones such as the gyroscope. In addition to sensors, public services platform will be used for secure authentication through banking credentials. User images are safely fetched from Trafi’s photo registry which is automatically updated.

Creative Execution

In Finland driving licenses are mainly used in two scenarios: Driving License validation and identification. Identification takes place in everyday situations, for example when picking up a postal package. In Finland Driving License is the de facto user ID although not officially declared as one. Currently EU legislation does not recognize DDL and therefore first trials will be limited to Finland. DDL also allows faster deployment of a Driving Licence. It removes the manual processes related to entering user information if changes occur or when the user initially receives their first driving licence. In the onboarding phase, the user is securely identified using banking credentials. DDL has two main security levels: visual security and backend security. Trafi’s Digital Driving Licence (DDL) uses custom visual elements for providing the level of security that is sufficient for daily use. The visual security level uses a gyroscope connected digital watermark combined with continuously animated background, that supports interaction to prevent motion capture frauds. User information and image are always up to date, which makes it easier to identify the person. A barcode is generated from user information to match the barcode in a physical driving license. Visual level security can be dynamically altered and pushed to the devices if a breach is detected. Backend security includes a QR code that is generated on device and in the backend with a specified period of validity. This ensures that the information on the device matches the information in the backend. Current iOS prototype has a working backend and APIs without integrations. The prototype is native iOS code and visual security layer is ready. DDL is currently in pilot development stage for iOS-platform. Pilot is about to start in the near future. Android version will follow after the pilot phase.