Product/ServiceA45 AMG
Category E02. Virtual Reality (VR)
Idea Creation PIXEL AND PIXEL Las Rozas, SPAIN
Production PIXEL AND PIXEL Las Rozas, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Victor Coello Pixel and Pixel Eecutive Creative Director
Oscar Moreno Pixel and Pixel Creative Director
Lucas Sanchez Pixel and Pixel Head of Art
Roberto Torres Pixel and Pixel Head od Emerging Experiences
Adrian Leon Pixel and Pixel Account Director
Luis Avilés Pixel and Pixel CTO
Juan Antonio Gallardo Pixel and Pixel Front Developer
Nacho Torres Pixel and Pixel Developer

The Campaign

The AMG VRace combined virtual reality and sports car driving in the real world in a way that’s never been done before. The AMG VRace created a virtual experience by which lucky fans as well as tech and motor sports influencers experienced the A45 AMG in a professional racetrack as if they were racing through the streets of downtown Madrid. On one side of the experience, they lived the actual sound, acceleration, skidding and speed of the real A45 AMG. On the other side, they felt all that as if they were racing through Madrid instead of in a closed racetrack. Our virtual reality technology, specifically created for the occasion, put both sides together to create a memorable experience no one had lived before. Furthermore, the whole idea allowed us to let people live the true experience of sports car driving without breaking any law.

Creative Execution

VR in a real car and racing environment was the best way to strengthen Mercedes-Benz’s sports car spirit as well as its tech excellence without actually breaking any traffic law. In order to do it, first we mapped the Jarama racetrack considering all variables: fast areas, curves, changes of slope, etc. Second, we paired each part of the racetrack with actual Madrid streets so the real and virtual parts were consistent (you don’t want to be speeding up to 250 Km/h in a 20 mt street or going straight when you’re seeing a 90º left curve in your VR glasses). Third, we video recorded the selected Madrid streets. Finally, we stitched everything together in a VR software where the virtual drive through Madrid would adapt in speed and placement to which was actually happening in the car while doing the racetrack. Full development took 2 months. The work was placed online on own platforms and social media as well as influencers accounts and as branded content on media websites. Phases: 1. Brand fans contest: users had to take part in a contest in order to win the experience. 2. Call to influencers: PR work in order to get key influencers to come to the racetrack, try the AMG VRace and talk about it on their own platforms and media. 3. Experience day: the actual AMG VRace experience by fans and influencers. 4. Media repercusion through influencers and branded content. The technology is currently being adapted to other racetracks and cities.