Category C03. Omni-Channel Storytelling
Idea Creation PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production SWIM CLUB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Johanna Sahlman Halebop Head of Marketing
Samuel Andersson Halebop Project Manager
Sebastian Prosser Halebop Creative Director
Hanna Myrling Halebop Go to market-manager
Ann Ystén Perfect Fools CEO/Client Director
Eric Karlshammar Perfect Fools Account Director
Mattias Mattisson Perfect Fools Creative/Art Director
Ebba Körlof Sundberg Perfect Fools Creative/Copywriter
Patrick Dry Perfect Fools Creative Director
Klas Lusth Perfect Fools Executive Creative Director
Amit Raab Perfect Fools Executive Producer
Julia Robertson Perfect Fools PR Manager
Rasmus Bjurström Perfect Fools Strategic Director
Maria Elmqvist Perfect Fools Research Planner
Tony Sajdak Perfect Fools CTO
Stefan Lagergren Perfect Fools Developer

The Campaign

Halebop is a mobile operator with a youthful attitude. To sway new customers, Halebop gave away a free speaker with every new subscription. Our focus was guilty pleasures. The songs we secretly love and loop, that we dance to when no one can see. But music is meant to be shared. And danced to. No matter how lame. So we encouraged people to stand up for their crappy taste and lousy coordination. And we spread our message all over. As a part of the campaign, we created a physical activation that toured the country at festivals and clubs. The kinect-based machine was simple, the more intense and silly you danced in front of it, the higher the score. Gif:s of customers’ dancing were later used in social. Our message was clear. Stand up for who you are - and turn up the volume.

Creative Execution

The campaign was live between 2017-06-15 - 2017-08-31 and could be seen all over Sweden. In close collaboration with our client, we created a campaign with a tonality and visual identity to fit our young target audience. With focus on the bigger cities the campaign was rolled out with TVC, OOH, DOOH, digital and social, physical installations visiting summer festivals and a curated Spotify playlist. We also wrote and produced a customized soundtrack for the campaign. Main design elements were raised fists holding the speaker and animated gif:s of ugly dancers. The bundled offer sold out before the end of the campaign period, resulting in Halebop having to cancel booked TVC time. We also saw a great demand for the release of our campaign soundtrack. The campaign as a whole resulted in a new customer growth of 6%, 14% increase in online sales and 35%(!) increase in brand consideration.