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Category E04. Technological Achievement in Digital Craft
Entrant 180LA, USA
Idea Creation 180LA, USA
Name Company Position
Cary Ruby 180LA Associate Creative Director
Florian Bodet 180LA Associate Creative Director
Pierre Janneau 180LA Creative Director
Dan Kroeger 180LA Creative Director
Craig Keppler 180LA Agency Producer
Karan Dang 180LA Creative Director
William Gelner 180LA Chief Creative Office
Chianne Peterson 180LA Digital Producer
Ryan Schmidt 180LA Integrated Producer
Natasha Wellesley 180LA Head of Integrated Production
Tim Main Friend Director
Joe Dixon Friend Director
Tim Sidell Friend Director of Photography
Luke Jacobs Friend Executive Producer
Guy Rolfe Friend Executive Producer
Rachel Rumbold Friend Producer
Sam Jones Cut+Run Editor
Steve Gandolfi Cut+Run Editor
Matt Prickett Cut+Run Assistant Editor
Luc Giddens Cut+Run Assistant Editor
Matt Dilworth Cut+Run Assistant Editor
Annabelle Dunbar-Whittaker Producer
Michelle Eskin Executive Producer
Amburr Faris Producer
Kayt Hall Executive Producer
Pete Smith Visual Effects Supervisor
Eric Mason 2D Artist
Kevin Jones 2D Artist
Dave Damant 2D Artist
Nicholas Hiegel 2D Artist
Gretchen Capatan 2D Artist
Jason Wallis Electric Theatre Collective Colorist
Kaitlyn Battistelli Electric Theatre Collective Color Assistant
James Drew Executive Producer
Scott Boyajan Electric Theatre Collective Producer
John Bolen Formosa Mixer
Lauren Cascio Executive Producer/Recording & Sound Design
Jonathan Sanford Executive Producer
Per Hallberg Formosa Composer
Thomas Davis Creative Lead
Quentin Gauvrit Head of UX
Camille Theveniau UX Designer
Mariusz Kucharczyk Art Director
Anton Skvortsov UI Designer
Julian Faas Motion Designer
Zbigniew Czarnecki Tech Lead
Sergey Bolshov Lead Frontend Developer
Michal Kleszcz Frontend Developer
Filip Przydryga Frontend Developer
Andrzej Aleksiejuk Frontend developer
Martin Kmieciak Frontend Developer
Michal Obielecki Frontend Developer
Piotr Rogulski Backend Developer
Artiom Vassiljev System Administrator
Dominic Berzins Head of QA
Eve Acton QA Tester
Tom Watson QA Tester
Adam Mingay QA Tester
Rich Rowe Executive Producer
Nina Marien Interactive Producer
Fabien Terrasse Interactive Producer
Fabien Terrasse Interactive Producer
Friend London
Electric Theatre Collective
Unit 9

The Campaign

Great Britain is the top international travel destination for Americans. Yet most only visit London. So, to pique their curiosity to go beyond London and see the unexpected variety of all Britain has to offer, we created 5 separate films, in 5 unique British destinations, hosted by 5 quirky locals, each of whom proudly claimed that their corner of the country was the only place you really needed to visit. Utilizing the trademark British wit that Americans love so much, we created a tongue-in-cheek tone that was competitive, yet welcoming. Users could navigate throughout each of the destinations in Britain, controlling their journey in a manner that had never been done before. So they could explore as they liked, spending more or time in the destinations they liked most. While the destinations were highlighted, the hosts proved that it's the warmth and charm of Britons themselves that make Britain great.

Creative Execution

In order to showcase the unique differences and diversity throughout, we created a bespoke platform for mobile and desktop. Utilizing the mobile device's gyroscope, users could seamlessly jump from one film to the next by simply turning their phone in any direction. North took them to the Scottish Highlands. Turning east took them to Manchester and Wales, south down to Cornwall, all the way around back to London. On laptops, users could utilize the arrow keys to quickly jump from one destination to the next. Each cut showcased the nearly identical matching framing and dialogue that was represented the local lingo and dialects unique to each corner of the country. At the conclusion of the experience, data was gathered in real time to show users which destinations they had spent the most time, along with recommendations on where to stay and what to do there. Clicking on any of the links took them directly to where booking a trip to Britain was only a click away.