Category E03. Innovative Use of Technology
Idea Creation MEC HUNGARY Budapest, HUNGARY
Production MEC HUNGARY Budapest, HUNGARY
Production 2 UMBRELLA Budapest, HUNGARY
Production 3 POMS CLOUD LTD. Dublin, IRELAND
Name Company Position
János Gulyás MEC Hungary Kft. CEO
Robert Beliczki MEC Hungary Kft. Head of Creative
Kázmér Miklós Umbrella Collective Head of Development
Béla Bak MEC Hungary Kft. Communications Manager
Edina Koros MEC Hungary Kft. Business Unit Director
Luca Bóna Umbrella Collective Account Manager
Márton Jedlicska Umbrella Collective Creative Director
Attila W. Pluhár Umbrella Collective Film Director
Gergő Roszik Umbrella Collective Editor
Andor Gerebenics Umbrella Collective Technical Project Manager
Tibor Pap Umbrella Collective Production Manager
Szilárd Béres POMS Cloud Ltd. CEO
Péter Horváth POMS Cloud Ltd. Software & Cloud Project Manager
Róbert Lévai POMS Cloud Ltd. Lead Developer
László Szirony POMS Cloud Ltd. Cloud System Administrator
Zsuzsanna Várnay POMS Cloud Ltd. Sitebuilder

The Campaign

Let's create technological product for Telekom to maximize sponsorship value. Let's call it Race TV. The system should automatically create personalized videos about the every single runner of Telekom Vivicittá half marathon, which is one of the largest running event of Budapest Hungary. The best thing about the branded content created with this technology is, that not only the participants were touched, but their social environment as well. In average all shared videos created hundreds of curious views, which means little by little, like clusters of grapes, the impact grew as big as a full featured online campaign, but cost no media at all.

Creative Execution

Runners proudly share their time, their personal best and the selfies they take before and after, but unless a family member take a snapshot along the route, they have no documentation of their run. Nothing to share. This was the perfect opportunity for Telekom tech to shine. We built a system that records slow-motion videos of every single runner along the track – we mixed these clips with real time aerial shots and mood clips from Budapest, added music and supers with each runner’s personal statistics. Then the videos were emailed as a personal gift from Telekom to every runner shortly after the race.