Category C01. Editorial
Name Company Position
Carla Leveratto Gruppo Roncaglia Creative Director
Marco Fresta Gruppo Roncaglia Creative Supervisor
Bruno Puntura Gruppo Roncaglia Senior Copywriter
Lorenzo Lorato Gruppo Roncaglia Client Service Director
Federico Lombardi Gruppo Roncaglia Account Supervisor
Tia Portelli Gruppo Roncaglia Senior Account Manager
Valeria Cinelli Gruppo Roncaglia Social Media & Community Manager
Simone Tricarico Gruppo Roncaglia Senior Digital Developer
Andreas Mielenhausen Google Creative Lead
Giorgio Ferretti Google Business Partner
David Anderson Google Google Producer
Angelica Velati Google Google Agency Team
Marianna Ghirlanda Google Google Agency Team
Paolo Pigozzo Google Technologist
Alex Fry Psycle Director
Scott Mathers Psycle Senior Project Manager
Haris Amiel Psycle Creative Director
Mark Gristock Psycle Ideation Director
Albert Sanjuan Psycle Design & Motion
Alejandro Castellanos Psycle Design & Motion
Ana Costa Psycle Design & Motion
Mike Parsons Psycle Technical Lead
Rich Dooley Psycle Psycle
Leah Thompson Psycle Interface Developer
Anna Gerber Visual Editions Creative & Editorial Direction
Britt Iversen Visual Editions Creative & Editorial Direction

The Campaign

The creative idea was to create 4MATIC Book: the first adaptive story, able to change according to reader context, just like the 4MATIC tech. The storytelling, with a specific focus on reading, was used as a creative tool to precisely reach the target. Everyone reads the story in a unique way and in a personal context. The same context where we reach our target.

Creative Execution

With Google partnership, we developed the first story able to adapt to reader’s context, just like 4MATIC tech, which adapts to roads and weather changes. Using Google APIs and mobile devices features we created the first example of adaptive storytelling, generating a new story each time a new starting position is registered. A tale that changes according to infinite variants, which include weather, city traffic, time of the day, but also the user last activity on his web browser: websites or YouTube videos from which he landed on our story. A travel story written by one of the most known Italian writer: Gianrico Carofiglio, transformed into an adaptive story and made unique by the users, reading after reading, just like the writer himself once said: stories are not owned by the one who writes, but by the readers themselves. The activity allowed the brand to engage the target talking to each single user, with a product thought around each one of them. Read the 4MATIC book: www.theshapeofclouds.eu