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Category A01. Interface & Navigation (UI)
Name Company Position
Benjamin Marchal TBWA\Paris Executive Creative Director
Faustin Claverie TBWA\Paris Executive Creative Director
Fabien Duval TBWA\Paris Copywriter
Glen Troadec TBWA\Paris Copywriter
Fabien Gille TBWA\Paris Art Director
Paul Reyrolle TBWA\Paris Art Director
Jérémy Armand TBWA\Paris Art Director
Romain Belleville TBWA\Paris Art Director
Philippe Simonet DAN\Paris C.E.O
Anthony Hamelle DAN\Paris Chief Digital Officer
Guilhem Vacher DAN\Paris Creative Technologist
Nicolas Barres DAN\Paris Digital Art Director
Charline Dantigny DAN\Paris Digital Copywriter
Christophe Courty DAN\Paris Lead Motion
Yann Lupion DAN\Paris Lead UX
Kamal Zitouni DAN\Paris App Developer
Maxime Boiron TBWA\Else C.E.O
Cathy Pericone TBWA\Else Producer
Fabrice Pouvreau TBWA\Else Sound Director
Anne Vincent TBWA\Paris Vice President
Marc Fraissinet TBWA\Paris Account Director
François-Xavier Parison TBWA\Paris Account Manager
Hungry Beards TBWA\Paris Directors
Julie Laroussinie DAN\Paris Digital Project Manager
Juliette Gonzales DAN\Paris Junior Digital Project Manager

The Campaign

Castorama is the brand who knows us and who accompanies us in all the moments of our life. Moments spent with your family are rare. That’s why they’re so precious. Bedtime is the only time of day when parents and children are really spend time together. We have turn this precious moment into a magical moment. We invent a new discovery medium, an accessible, fun and innovative way to tell stories to children: THE MAGIC WALLPAPER, the first wallpaper that gives access to innumerable adventures.

Creative Execution

"Casto c’est castoche", Chez Casto, il y a tout ce qu’il faut": selling lines that all the French quote spontaneously. This shows the attachment they have for the brand and the place that it has in their hearts. Because Castorama is not just a DIY brand but a source of inspiration for improving everyone's daily life, the brand has complete legitimacy to offer innovative products. The creation of THE MAGIC WALLPAPER is part of an interview with a psychoeducator, Sole?ne Bourque, that evoked the very active development of children's imagination between 2 and 6 years, notably through the stories we tell them. We first worked on 5 character designs in order to attract as many children as possible. The Artistic Directors and the illustrators have called on specialists in drawing for children to adapt their work to the specificities of early childhood. The writing of the stories was done with the help of children's writers. They were tested directly with the children at school. The stories were read by the mistresses. They were then optimized according to the reactions observed. The application was also thought for children: its design, animations and user experience were worked to be the most child compliant. The design of the application is based on the standards of child imagery: simplicity, clarity, animation. Whatever page you are on, the child can follow the navigation with his father or mother. Each action or functionality has been thought out for the attention of the child to be captured and his or her imagination to be stimulated.