Product/ServiceADIDAS GLITCH
Category B01. User Experience Design (UX)
Idea Creation IRIS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Idea Creation 2 POSSIBLE Seattle, USA
Production IRIS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production 2 POSSIBLE Seattle, USA
Name Company Position
Michael Barrett iris Global Planning Direct
Laura Jane Justice iris Senior Producer
Iain Robson iris Creative Director
Mariana Lobos iris Senior Designer
Nico Tuppen iris Managing Director
Simon Yoxall iris Board Director
Tarik Bedevi iris Senior Art Director
Ric Blank iris Senior Copywriter
Jasmina Cigoja iris Account Executive

The Campaign

GLITCH is a brand new football boot concept AND a brand new route to market. The product itself features an inner shoe for perfect fit and a laceless outer skin that offers perfect ball control, but is also interchangeable allowing players to express their own style.    The designs, the name, the launch – every single facet was co-created with football influencers. They were involved from the beginning. They owned it. They cared.   At launch, they were given unique referral codes that gave fans access and kick started the community. They made the first bits of content for the app, attended the exclusive launch party and took it upon themselves to create buzz around its release.   And they still play an active role in running it - attending fitting sessions on the pitch with new customers, manning the support channel and continuing to contribute content to drive the GLITCH community.

Creative Execution

This new football boot is ONLY available for purchase through a mobile app, designed and built to make the boot a must-have for the new football stars. Aimed at urban street players whose freestyle play is as dependent on the style as it is the score.    We intentionally started small, with a core group of influencers and urban footballers in London. This allowed the community to grow gradually and organically.   Influencers were empowered and highly engaged throughout, actively helping to shape the community by deciding who became a part of it and contributing towards the customer support and homepage sections of the app with peer-to-peer advice, product demos and promotional User Generated Content.   There were reward and value exchange mechanics built into the app too, encouraging interaction and engagement to exist beyond a single purchase with free skins and extra referral codes on offer for the most active users.