Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Entrant E:MG Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation E:MG Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement CARAT Moscow, RUSSIA
Production CARAT Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Anton Melnikov e:mg Partner: creative & strategy
Maxim Kolyshev e:mg Chief Creative Officer
Alexey Klimov e:mg Creative Director
Sergey Karmanov e:mg Creative Group Head
Olga Buyanova e:mg Copywriter
Andrey Metelkov e:mg Copywriter
Olga Yaralova e:mg Junior Art Director
Julia Shaihlislamova e:mg Creative Designer
Natalya Reshetina e:mg Account Director
Olga Fedorova e:mg Senior Account manager
Tatyana Ershova e:mg Senior Account manager
Olga Simonova Carat Group Account Director
Ekaterina Zaitceva Carat Media Group Head
Elena Gumirova Carat Head of Sponsorship Division

The Campaign

We decided to awaken bright senses of our audience in situation of total darkness when our feelings more heightened. We created the world’s first cinema Aroma Session and gave to the viewers an opportunity to feel rich aroma of new ‘Jacobs Monarch’ in the most effective way.

Creative Execution

Can the viewers not only see, but fully experience what movie characters feel? With new ‘Jacobs Monarch’ with even more intense flavor it became possible. We made the first Aroma Session ‘Jacobs Monarch’ in Moscow and St Petersburg cinemas. We created a 5D commercial about new ‘Jacobs’ aroma and realized it in situation of total darkness before the movie session, while our senses more heightened. During the screening of the ‘Jacobs Monarch’ story, special aroma systems were filling the cinema hall with the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans. Then we offered the viewers not just to taste a cup of our new ‘Jacobs Monarch’ and gain the unusual brand experience, but more importantly empathize with the story with all their senses. Journalists, bloggers and celebrities have also experienced our Aroma Sessions. It became ‘must visit’ places and got a huge buzz in popular media and social networks.


30 cinema halls in Moscow and St Petersburg More than 200 000 coffee degustations 118 bloggers, celebrities and journalists experienced Jacobs Aroma sessions More than 1500 publications in popular media PR Value 30 342 865 rubles Media Impressions 299 050 379 But the most important thing - is that we gave our audience an opportunity to not only see, but empathize with the story with all their senses.

We decided to show consumers more intense flavor Jacobs Monarch and evoke an immediate direct response from them. To achieve a success we created an Aroma Session in cinemas, in situation of full darkness, when our senses more heighten. We gave our audience an opportunity to not only see, but empathize movie character with all their senses, feel and taste the new Jacobs aroma.

Our mission was to tell about the rich ‘Jacobs Monarch’ flavor, let the viewers to see and taste it, but more importantly – feel. We decided to demonstrate to consumers the new intense aroma ‘Jacobs Monarch’ in situation of full darkness when our senses became heightened. We found the most relevance channel for realization of this idea - cinemas. And created the first Aroma Session ‘Jacobs Monarch’.