Category A05. Travel, Transport & Leisure
Idea Creation BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Production BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 SOVAGE Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 THE Paris, FRANCE
Production 4 FIRM STUDIO Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Roland de Barbentane OUIBUS General Director
Sylvain Gaboriaud OUIBUS Marketing & Commercial Director
Béatrice Godineau OUIBUS Brand & Client experience Director
Irène Leibovitz OUIBUS Advertising & Brand Manager
David Fhal OUIBUS Brand Communication Manager
Alexis Toutain OUIBUS Social Media Manager
Marine Aurousseau OUIBUS Community Manager
Georges Mohammed- Chérif BUZZMAN President and Executive Creative Director
Thomas Granger BUZZMAN Vice-President
Julien Levilain BUZZMAN Managing Director
Patrice Lucet Buzzman Creative Director
Philippe Boucheron Buzzman Creative Director
Simon Fellbom BUZZMAN Artistic Director
Elie Souffan BUZZMAN Copywriter
Laura Quiles BUZZMAN Account Director
Alexandre Soloy BUZZMAN Account Executive
Chloé Henry BUZZMAN Assistant Account Executive
Julien Scaglione BUZZMAN Head of Social Media
Alexandre Ponte BUZZMAN Social Media Manager
Jean-François Deconchat BUZZMAN Community Manager
Amélie Juillet / Kenza Bennani BUZZMAN Head of PR & Communication / PR Assistant
Victoria Morin BUZZMAN PR & Communication Assistant
Vanessa Barbel BUZZMAN Head of TV Production
Ayman Jaroudi BUZZMAN TV Production
Sovage Sovage Production
THE THE Sound Production
Julian Nodolwsky Julian Nodolwsky Director
Willy Morence Willy Morence Producer
FIRM FIRM Post Production

The Campaign

We've launched a new service OUICROQUETTE the first service that allows you to book your ticket and find a free petsitter in less than 24 hours. Each traveler could once after having booked his ticket, take advantage of the service OUICROQUETTE, contacting a selection of petsitter and book for free 3 days of guard.

Creative Execution

The media strategy was aimed to reach our target (18 - 35 years old) with different levers to have an important repetition and promote our summer offer : > Cinema : broadcast of our film 30s in 4083 movie theaters during to take advantage of the spectators' attention to address our message. > Social Media : creation of a specific animation with contents and posts containing the message of the film. (For example with dedicated gifs taken from the movie) > DOOH : campaign in French railway stations and Paris subways (1849 screens) to encourage travelers to privilege OUIBUS. > Display : massive display dispositif on Youtube but also on websites and blogs travels and pets in affinity with the creative idea.


> Sales grew up by +26% > 42 milions of people reached > More than 1 400 pet-sitters booked > 59 appearances in medias > Social media engagement rate : 5,9% (versus 2,5% habitually)

We've produced an activation relying on a real consumer brake : "Leaving at the last minute is never easy because you always need a minimum get organized". Every year, thousands of pet owners cannot take summer vacations or leave for a long week-end at the last minute because of their pets. To answer at one this consumer brakes, we've launched a new service with the aim of facilitating the departure at the last minute.

On Ouibus, 50% of the bookings are made 3 days before the departure and on the mobile app and 40% of bookings are made on the departure day. Ouibus is the #easiestandcheapestwaytomove : we can find bookings without paying too much and at the last moment. We decided to capitalize on the last minute as a competitive advantage. What if, for once, a brand give a mean to take advantage of it? What if Ouibus urges French people to wait until the (very) last minute ? The idea : with Ouibus, nothing stops you from leaving next minute : nor the price or your pet.