Category B07. Use of Technology
Entrant KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Jonas Yrlid King Art Director
Josephine Wallin King Art Director
Pontus Ekström King Copywriter
Peter Preisler King Account Director
Åsa Slättegård King Account Manager
Per Wilson King Planner
Calle Cassel King Graphic Designer
Frank Hollingworth King Creative Director
Sunit Mehrotra King CEO
Markus Ahlm Colony Film producent
Patrik Gyllström B-reel Director
Anisa Dzindo B-reel Producer
Rikard Åström King Executive Producer
Patrik Sundberg Post Sthlm PR

The Campaign

By using collected “big data”, we compiled the swede’s average “bucket list”. based on that bucket list We built a unique visual (360°), tactile and audio experience-court so that people could experience the benefits of winning the lottery without actually winning it. A 5D 

Creative Execution

The implementation was done in 4 sequences for 8 weeks 5. Create awareness/interest of a “bucket list” through studies, dialogues, data gathering, FB posts, content. 6. Building an actual and custom made 5D experience (eg a course) in VR using all senses including under water VR experiences where we invited 6 random people to experience Swedes bucket list in 5D through VR. 7. Launching the full experience via FB and YouTube to get people to relate to a big win at Lotto. 8. Uphold interest through teasers, media collaboration to exploit the idea and create as much reach as possible.   In parallel, Lotto communicates continuously with traditional media and promotions. This activity only constituted 10 % of Lotto´s total market spending.


The activity droves sales with an ROI on approximately 1,5 (calculated through actual bought Lotto tickets after experience any part of the campaign). This result might seem modest but given that the purpose was to create interest among new and younger target groups it is still astonishing.   In total, the campaign delivered over 2 million impressions (with a total segment of 4 million people) and a response to Lotto as a brand and game where people started to relate what I can experience before I die with a Lotto win rather than just focusing on winning money.    In parallel, the media awareness of Lotto increased during the period due to the activity (compared to similar periods and with no big jackpots during the period).

The Lotto 5D Bucket list experience was a new way for Lotto to directly interact and engage with new target groups. The activity enabled Lotto to move from only messages about the jackpot that anyone could relate to, to messages targeting specific interest and desires (diving, skiing, traveling etc.). These more direct messages made Lotto more relevant to sub-segments and could engage new target groups and initiate a dialogue one-to-one rather than just relaying on one-to-many. 

With “The Lotto 5D bucket list experience” we wanted to reach slightly younger customers (in both idea, message and media).   The approach was to find a new hook to play Lotto (to fulfill your bucket list with experiences) and an idea that was more innovative and eye-catching. The final film and teasers where then distributed in digital channels targeting younger customers and people with interest to different types of experiences.