Category C03. Use of Social Platforms
Name Company Position
Kim Boisen Robert/Boisen & Like-minded CEO & Co-founder
Gitte Andersen Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Account director
Christina Erritzøe Gobsmack Producer
Niklas Hultquist Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Art Director
Frederik Voetmann Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Art Director
Magnús Sveinn Jónsson Gobsmack Post Production
Niels Nørløv Gobsmack Instructor
Ulrik Boel Bentzen Gobsmack DOP Lighting Cameraman
Simon Borch Gobsmack Editor
Bjørn Vidø Freezone Sound Designer

The Campaign

In stead of talking about the long term effects of alcohol the young male target group didn’t care about we decided to talk about some short term effects they did care about. Girls. Research showed that this group often experience a dilemma during social occassions. They like to get drunk. They like to score. Not the best combination. What if we could help them with useful information about the seductive sweet spot when approaching a girl? We created an eye-opening, social experiment - Shitfaced Speeddating. 10 single guys and girls were invited to a speed dating event at a bar. After each date the girls rated the guys. What the girls didn't know was that the guys had to drink between each date. The highly entertaining experiment proved that you reached your seductive sweet spot within your first few drinks. Any more than that and we couldn’t guarentee your luck.

Creative Execution

We created a 4 minute film about the social experiment Shitfaced Speeddating and a series of follow up content films that would keep the buzz going: Wasted texting, Girls on Drunk guys, Guys on drunk girls and Drunk guys read erotic literature, To maximize organic spread, we posted the content with several different text versions, that directly encouraged people to share with friends that needed a useful tip for the weekend or tag men that had experienced similar failures as the guys in the videos. And it worked. Within 24 hours the campaign went viral and experienced more than 45.000 interactions, 760% above the target for campaign. To further activate the guys 8.000 specially developed ’sweet spot meters’ were handed out at bars and events all around the country. And the redesigned breathalyzer that showed if you were in or outside the seductive sweetspot instantly became the talk of town.


Despite massive barriers to get the target group engaged in a difficult topic, 80% thought the campaign got their attention, 87% liked it a lot and 54% said they would like to share the campaign with their friends. Because of extensive media buzz created by the provocative campaign and multiple shares on Facebook it reached out far beyond the main target group. The campaign had a total of 7.47 M views on social media alone. But more importantly it got an impressive 78% of the 20-25 year old men to think about if it was a good idea to drink too much alcohol or an efficiency ratio of 41:1 to the health category benchmark. For the same price as a pint cost in a pub we managed to get the main target group to react and reflect about their alcohol consumption.

It cleverly used geo targeting on Facebook and placement around the target group’s preferred artists and specific time slots to ensure our content was experienced by the most relevant in the target group in the most relevant context – while getting ready for party’ing.’Sweet spot meters’ made it possible for promoters to engage in a direct conversation with the target group about binge drinking in an informal way. Posting the content with several different text versions directly encouraged people to share with friends that needed a useful tip for the weekend or tag men that had experienced similar failures.

With a relatively small media budget of only 75.000 EUR we chose to focus our efforts on a smaller high risc / high reward target group within the young Danes segment: The 20 – 25 years old males with the highest alcohol consumption and the biggest potential for developing a alcohol related, critical disease. To be able to target them as directly as possible we chose Facebook as the main channel. This would also maximize the possibilities for encouraging organic spread of the content. To ensure that our content was experienced in the most relevant context – while getting ready for party’ing, we geo targeted Facebook users in the target group within a smaller radius of the most popular bars in Denmarks biggest cities at the busiest hours. We also bought ad space around the target groups preferred artists on Spotify and Youtube on Friday and Saturday afternoons.