Short List
Category A07. Financial Products & Services, Commercial Public Services, B2B Products & Services
Idea Creation MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 PUBLICIS ETO La Madeleine, FRANCE
Production 3 KUEST PROD Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Sylvain Burel / Antoine Stattner / Perle Sun Groupama Advertiser Supervisors
Charles Georges Picot Marcel CEO
Pascal Nessim Marcel CEO
Anne de Maupeou Marcel Creative Chairman
Dimitri Guerassimov Marcel Chief Creative Officer
Fabien Teichner Marcel Chief Creative Officer
Remy Aboukrat Marcel Creative Director
Gaetan du Peloux Marcel Copywriter
Youri Guerassimov Marcel Art Director
Eulalia Bartolomeu Marcel Digital Art Director
Nicolas Levy Marcel Managing Partner & CSO
Blandine Mercier Marcel Partner
Alexandre Kobylko Marcel Account Director
Valentin Moreau / Lucas Sengler Marcel Project Managers
Sarah Lemarie Marcel Strategic Planner
Nathalie Roland / Nicolas Plasmondon Marcel PR / Social Media Manager
Louis Da Silva Marcel CTO
Vincent Mayol Marcel UX Director
Diono Corbel / Paul Vanlerberghe / Eric Beaufol Marcel Front End developer
Charles Coulais / Edgar Lacouture Marcel Back End developers
Maximilien Borne Marcel Technical manager
Manu G.Cuesta Kuest Prod Director
Mikael Arslanyan Prodigious Editor / Motion designer
Boris Nicou / Boris Jeanne / Thomas Corbel / Elodie Siliart Prodigious Sound Producers
Fabien Cornec Prodigious Sound Engineer
Ombeline de la Teyssonière - Voice (radio)
Alain Cornu Prodigious Photographer
Flore Silberfeld Prodigious Art Buyer 
Constance de Gourlet / Suzanne Pereira Dias Marcel Producers
David Verduci / Quentin Le Roch / Mathieu Andrieu / Karine Villalon Prodigious / Marcel Retouching

The Campaign

THE SAFEST ROUTE, the first navigation tool that puts your safety first.For the first time, the French State made public in open source all road accident data. Groupama has decided to use them by cross-referencing them with the accident notifications of its 3 million policyholders to create the first service generating the least dangerous route. How? By using the geolocalisation data of the 700,000 reported accidents and by creating an algorithm allowing one to avoid driving on dangerous roads, without adding too much additional driving time. Thanks to THE SAFEST ROUTE, everyone can easily compare the route that all GPS give, the fastest route with the safest route. And everyone can realize that by slightly modifying his daily route, one can significantly reduce the risks of having an accident. When GPS suggest the fastest or the shortest route, it was time to create a tool that gives you the safest.

Creative Execution

One year was necessary to develop THE SAFEST ROUTE (, so that the service may be reliable, efficient and accessible on all devices. We have launched the service through a cross-media campaign on a national scale (in-store, print, OOH, DOH, radio, social networks, web, e-mailing, PR).


Through digital media, the campaign has generated over 13 million impressions during its first week of airing. It also generated strong PR visibility. Among those, several TV shows dedicated entire reports to THE SAFEST ROUTE, saluting how the insurer used data for the common good. The campaign generated a total of 30 million media impressions and 5,5million€ in earned media. 3,5million routes were calculated during the first week and THE SAFEST ROUTE was shared more than 225,000 times. One of the most exciting results is that we were contacted by Autolib’, a famous electric car sharing service in Paris, to work with us to improve our tool and integrate it in all its cars. In conclusion, Groupama managed to stir the national debate to make safety the number one criteria to every trip. It changed millions of drivers’ minds, and made sure more people think of Groupama when switching insurance.

THE SAFEST ROUTE ( is a Direct campaign because it allows the brand to build a one to one relationship with their prospects by helping them finding out about their very own safest route. People have been exposed to a post and by clicking on it they’ve created an interaction with the brand which has generated a dedicated itinerary.

In order to both retain our existing customers and to gain new ones, we have to understand that the role of insurers has changed. Consumers no longer want to pay their insurance fee every month and only benefit from it when an accident happens. They expect their insurance to demonstrate its value every day. By developing the right tools and services, we can help people prevent risks before they happen. Data is already at the heart of our profession. By pooling together Groupama’s local data and the French government accidentology data, we created a simple tool to change behaviours. The map and data cover the whole country and work as effectively in the city as in the countryside. By giving away this tool, we’re developing a useful relationship with our clients and prospects, and we ensure they will think about us whenever they want a new insurance.