Category A09. Corporate Social Responsibility
Product/ServiceITSY BITSY
Idea Creation GMP ADVERTISING Bucharest, ROMANIA
Name Company Position
Mihai Gongu GMP Advertising Executive Creative Director
Alexandra Mihus GMP Advertising Senior Account Manager
Dana Pascu GMP Advertising Head of Strategy
Bogdan Raileanu GMP Advertising Group Creative Director
Razvan Raicu GMP Advertising Senior Art Director
Bogdan Stanciu Go Studio Head of Design
Valentin Nastase GMP Advertising Senior Graphic Designer
Cristina Butunoi GMP Advertising PR Director
Ileana Neamtu Point Public Affairs Executive Partner
Raluca Constantin Point Public Affairs Public Affairs Consultant
Andreea Bujor Point Public Affairs Researcher
Ioana Manoiu GMP PR Managing Partner
Daniela Spiridonescu GMP PR Senior PR Executive
Alexandra Olivotto GMP PR Brand Journalist
Olivia Basag GMP Advertising Co Executive Creative Director
Matei Curtasu GMP Advertising Co Executive Creative Director
Felix Tataru GMP Advertising President

The Campaign

Itsy Bitsy, the only Romanian radio dedicated to parents and children, launched a brave campaign which aims to fundamentally change the relationship of Romanian parents with their kids. Most parents don’t believe in the importance of their children’s emotional health, so we campaigned for more time between children and their parents. Our goal was turning Children’s Day into Children’s and Parent’s Day and make it a public holiday. To make it even bigger, we wanted to bring the June 1st spirit every day.

Creative Execution

Step 1. Bring a new healthcare issue in the mainstream media. Step 2. Have specialists talk about the importance of emotional health and quality time spent between parents and children. Step 3. Declare June 1st – Children's Day – as a Public Holiday celebrated by all Romanians. Step 4. Develop an ongoing educational campaign that would run PSAs for years to come in TV & Radio, reminding all parents to spend quality time with their children.


The results of the Itsy Bitsy campaign were achieved with a lot of volunteering and benevolence. With a budget of only 3,000 euros (used only for the production of the print and billboard materials), after 9 months of intensive campaigning, the following additional results were born: Over 450 articles in the printed press and online & 35 TV news. 11,144,587 people in the target group were reached by the educational messages of the campaign, according to BRAT-SNA. 90% of the mainstream media of general interest diseminated or broadcasted news and features about a subject considered to be a niche „emotional health of the children” The National Audio-Visual Council voted for a message about the importance of parent-child quality time to be broadcast on all TV and radio stations during the usual commercial breaks: "For the emotional health of your child, spend as much time as you can with him".

Itsy Bitsy, the only Romanian radio dedicated to parents and children, launches a brave campaign which aims to fundamentally change the relationship of Romanian parents with their kids and offer them their own national public holiday. After 180 days of low-budget campaign, this radio station influences politicians to vote the 1st of June as first public holiday in the EU dedicated to children.

Despite the antagonistic market conditions, Radio Itsy Bitsy was ambitiously set to get closer to the Romanian parents all at once. And it wanted to do this by fighting for a cause in their name, one that can have to power to literally unite parents with children: spending more quality time together. And to make things even clearer, Itsy Bitsy wanted to turn the 1st of June into a symbol of parent-child togetherness by making the State declare it a bank holiday!