Short List
Category A04. Retail, e-Commerce, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation ANORAK Oslo, NORWAY
Production ANORAK Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Jens-Petter Aarhus Anorak / NoA Creative Director
Hallvard Fjeldbraaten Anorak / NoA Copywriter
Janne Espevalen Anorak / NoA Client Director
Kristina Tallaksen Anorak / NoA Project Manager
Erlend Dahl Sakshaug Anorak Animator
Yngve Nilssen Anorak / NoA Graphic Designer
Andrea Eckerbom Tangrystan Director
Audun Wittenberg Tangrystan Producer
Beate Tangre Tangrystan Producer
Anders Flatland Tangrystan Director Of Photography

The Campaign

The insight of the media is in the core of the idea. We know people hate pre-rolls and that's why we wanted to give a new meaning to the skip button. And make the action of pushing the skip-button into the action of skipping the physical grocery store. The skippable pre-rolls went live on october the 1st and lasted to October the 31st on youtube.

Creative Execution

Skip our ad and skip the grocery store. We knew that people hated pre-rolls. That's why we made skippable pre-rolls from recognizable and cringing grocery store situations. The idea gave a new meaning to the skip button and urged people to skip the grocery store - simply by skipping the ad.


An average skippable youtube pre-roll - last for 30 sec - has a completion rate on 20%. Our skippable pre-rolls - lasted up to 5 minutes - had an average completion rate on 70% (the favorite had 93%). The films stayed on youtube after the campaign ended and have an organic reach of 1.4 million (Norway has 5 million citizens).

"Skip this ad" on Youtube is the most clicked button in the world. We managed to turn this simple interaction into a powerful reminder. DonĀ“t just skip the ad. Skip the grocery store and all the boring time-consuming cringing crap that comes with it.

Target audience: Families with children.With a low budget we needed a cheep media buy, and skippable pre-rolls is as cheep as it gets. Not only was it cheap, it was the perfect media to execute our idea. People hate pre-rolls - and they don't really like to go to the store either. That was our insight and the core of the idea.