Short List
Category A08. Corporate Image
Name Company Position
Thomas Gibson McCann Stockholm Account Director
Jonna Liljendahl McCann Stockholm Account Manager
Carl Larsson McCann Stockholm Art Director
Daniel Blomberg McCann Stockholm Copywriter
Adam Kerj McCann Stockholm Chief Creative Officer
Melina Svéd McCann Stockholm Account Manager
Lena Danroth McCann Stockholm Designer
Marcus Johansson McCann Stockholm Technical Director
Hannes Falk McCann Stockholm Editor
Sebastian Reed Camp David Director
Kristina Wibom Camp David Executive Producer
Linnéa Andersson Camp David Producer
Viktor Kumlin Camp David DP
Max Devoon Camp David AC
Sebstian O. Carlsson Camp David Production Assistant
Eva Karlsson Houdini Sportswear CEO
Olle van Keppel Houdini Sportswear Project Nanager
Jesper Danielsson Houdini Sportswear Designer
Malin Wetterborg Houdini Sportswear Textile Engineer
Emma Schuring Houdini Sportswear Social Media Management
Axel Lindgren Houdini Sportswear Social Media Management

The Campaign

The Houdini Menu’ gave all Houdini’s followers a chance to eat their old sportswear and found a revolutionary way to communicate Houdini’s work for a cleaner planet. Anyone had the chance to win a seat for the fine dining experience. We showed the process, from clothes to food, in films and on a website.

Creative Execution

Houdini Sportswear announced eight sought-after seats to experience a truly unique dinner experience. The competition was launched through a teaser film leading to a website where you entered who you wanted to share the experience with and motivate why you should be invited. The biodegrading process of the clothes, the planting and harvesting of the vegetables and the event were documented and made into three films, the main one being a short documentary. The shorter films lead to the main website where you could read about the project, get the recipes and order the soil. Instore the soil was used as a give-away when you purchased any of Houdini’s new biodegradable collections. The soil was packaged with date, content and came complete with the recipes served at the Dinner but also instructions on how to compost, grow and eventually eat them.


We set out to find and connect with eight bold enthusiasts that wanted to experience a menu grown from old sportswear, but the event caught the attention of 42 000 impressions and lead to over 250 applications in just three days. With a total media budget of only €500 distributed on sponsored ads on social media, this campaign exceeded all expectations making a small Swedish sportswear brand reach global press and engagement. The campaign was covered by numerous big global tech-, environmental-, trend-, food- and newsmagazines from Food & Wine US to Creativity-online.

The clothing industry is the second dirtiest on the planet. Houdini Sportswear wanted a “in your face solution” to raise awareness around their sustainability work and also show how a small company can lead the way to solve a bigger industry problem. The Houdini Menu’ created a new way to communicate their philosophy regarding “end of life solutions” but also activated our target group in a revolutionary way. ‘The Houdini Menu’ aimed to enhance and add value to an innovative company way ahead of its own industry. Simply by putting Houdini Sportswear’s clothes to the ultimate test: Are they edible?

We started the project through looking closer into Houdini’s production and fabrics to see how real their care for avoiding negative impact on the planet is. It turned out the fabric is created from 100% organic, natural material and therefore are biodegradable. To capture people’s engagement and put light on the industry challenges we decided to bring the clothes back to nature again. We set out to reach an audience that are conscious of the environment and care a lot about their own health. The Houdini Menu gave them the ultimate proof that Houdini’s sportswear fits their lifestyle and values.