Category D02. Data-Driven Targeting
Product/ServiceO2 REFRESH
Idea Creation LIDA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company IMI MOBILE London, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 2 IDOMOO New York, USA
Name Company Position
Tom Thomas LIDA Chief Creative Officer
Ian Owen LIDA Associate Creative Director
James Thorley LIDA Associate Creative Director
Lydia Gadbury LIDA Account Director
Chris Brightwell LIDA Senior Designer

The Campaign

We created the most personalised communication O2 has ever done – a seamless video journey with over 76 million permutations. To deliver a far more compelling experience than the standard upgrade recommendation, we created a truly personal narrative around every customer’s relationship with O2. Using everything we know about each customer and complex data algorithms to determine the best phone for them, we showed them why it was a perfect fit – and why they should upgrade directly with O2. Making customers feel more valued, and ultimately making them more valuable to O2.

Creative Execution

There are two points when customers are targeted: 3 months before their contract end date, and eligible to upgrade early, and at their contract end date. The customer receives an email from O2, inviting them to watch their own personalised upgrade video, on their desktop, or – more usually – on their phone.


Our data-driven, ultra-personalised approach has been an incredible success, outperforming every other channel including outbound calling, SMS and all previous email retention campaigns.

Personalisation is at the heart of this campaign and it creates a direct conversation with the customer to ask them to upgrade their phone with O2. We used multiple data points such as their passions, current handset, monthly spend, location and roaming usage to recommend the perfect phone, overlaid with their interest data and topped off with a personalised call to action.

We dug deep into each individual customer’s data to create the most relevant upgrade story possible. Analysing their current phone manufacturer, operating system and monthly tariff spend to determine their perfect phone. Then we revolutionised the way we talked to them about it, using data to find their passions points. From fitness fanatics to movie buffs, we used what we knew about each customer to show the phone was relevant to their lives. Thirdly, we reaffirmed why they should stay with O2, like giving them the exact number of free O2 Wifi hotspots within a few miles of their house. And, to seal the deal, based on where they were in their customer life cycle as well as their current deal with O2, we delivered a tailored incentive. That way our customers could get their new phone quicker.