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Category C02. Use of Mobile
Name Company Position
Benjamin Marchal TBWA\Paris Executive Creative Director
Faustin Claverie TBWA\Paris Executive Creative Director
Fabien Duval TBWA\Paris Copywriter
Glen Troadec TBWA\Paris Copywriter
Fabien Gille TBWA\Paris Art Director
Paul Reyrolle TBWA\Paris Art Director
Jérémy Armand TBWA\Paris Art Director
Romain Belleville TBWA\Paris Art Director
Philippe Simonet DAN\Paris C.E.O
Anthony Hamelle DAN\Paris Chief Digital Officer
Guilhem Vacher DAN\Paris Creative Technologist
Nicolas Barres DAN\Paris Digital Art Director
Charline Dantigny DAN\Paris Digital Copywriter
Christophe Courty DAN\Paris Lead Motion
Yann Lupion DAN\Paris Lead UX
Kamal Zitouni DAN\Paris App Developer
Maxime Boiron TBWA\Else C.E.O
Cathy Pericone TBWA\Else Producer
Fabrice Pouvreau TBWA\Else Sound Director
Anne Vincent TBWA\Paris Vice President
Marc Fraissinet TBWA\Paris Account Director
François-Xavier Parison TBWA\Paris Account Manager
Hungry Beards TBWA\Paris Directors
Julie Laroussinie DAN\Paris Digital Project Manager
Juliette Gonzales DAN\Paris Junior Digital Project Manager

The Campaign

Castorama is the brand who knows us and who accompanies us in all the moments of our life. These moments of life are especially those that we, parents, live with our children. It is between 3 and 7 years old that young children develop their brains the most. It is the moment of life when we must stimulate their memory, their imagination and their curiosity. For this, we need new stories. But we are often at a loss for them and end up telling the same ones. We invent a new discovery medium, an accessible, fun and innovative way to tell stories to children: THE MAGIC WALLPAPER, the first wallpaper that gives access to innumerable adventures.

Creative Execution

THE MAGIC WALLPAPER is a new product. The best way to find out is to try it out. Castorama therefore decided to send to its most faithful customers, to their intentionists and to its blogger partners a roll of this wallpaper and a short explanatory notice: paste / scan / read with the download link of the application. To optimize the return rate: a link to pre-order THE MAGIC WALLPAPER. Sent in mid-March to customers, this unprecedented direct marketing allowed pre-orders to be launched in early April when the official launch of THE MAGIC WALLPAPER is scheduled for the end of April.


The initial aim of this operation was to give a positive image of the brand on social networks: Castorama, convinced of the reality and success of THE MAGIC WALLPAPER, made it a real product referenced in store with more than 18 000 units for sale (traditional children's wallpaper is normally made at 8 000 units). We started with a pre-sale period in a few stores (5 throughout France). Actual figures do not mean much regarding the limited number of stores. Nevertheless, we recorded a +20% up sale vs "usual" printed for kids wall papers. When we launched on a national scale, we almost recorded the same growth (+17%) on the first month of ales. The trend since then can be confirmed and we can anticipate annual sales around 2.500 pieces of magic wall paper to be sold -- one of their best seller sku."

Castorama wants to revitalize its decoration sector by launching a brand new interactive wallpaper. But the wallpaper market is in freefall. The brand therefore takes a major risk and needs reassurance to mobilize unconvinced internal teams. By offering some of its intentional clients a sample to create positive feedback and buzz, Castorama is stepping the foundation stone for a revolution in the wallpaper market.

Castorama's ambition is not so much to recover data as to offer an « augmented product » to its customers : for the same price as a classic wallpaper, the customer leaves with dozens and dozens of stories to tell. Without any counterpart. That is why Castorama offers THE MAGIC WALLPAPER, which is aimed at children from the age of 3 and parents who want to make them discover the world differently and develop their imagination. Castorama targets nearly 13 millions potential targets in France. Initially planned as a communication with a limited production, THE MAGIC WALLPAPER is produced in industrial quantities. The brand communicated on its product in PR, media and with a bold digital plan enabling potential customers to discover online the experience of THE MAGIC WALLPAPER online before coming to buy it in store. Castorama brings to life an outdated product thanks to today's technology.