Short List
Product/ServiceKIDS BANDAGES
Category B03. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Name Company Position
Alexander Schwieger Beiersdorf / Hansaplast General Manager Beiersdorf HealthCare
Bénédicte Joguet SA Beiersdorf NV Marketing Manager Pharmacy Brands
Karen Corrigan Happiness / An FCB alliance Executive Creative Management
Geoffrey Hantson Happiness / An FCB alliance Chief Creative Officer
Philippe Fass Happiness / An FCB alliance Creative Director
Laurie Lacourt Happiness / An FCB alliance Concept Provider / Design
Catherine Hermans Happiness / An FCB alliance Concept provider
Bill Bilquin Happiness / An FCB alliance Copywriter FR
Erika Darmstaedter FCB Global Chief Client Officer / Worldwide Account Director Beiersdorf
Heike Brünjes FCB Hamburg Global Account Director Hansaplast
Isabelle Koelman Happiness / An FCB alliance Group Account Director
Anne-Lore Vestraets Happiness / An FCB alliance Account Manager
Romaine Dhainaut Happiness / An FCB alliance DTP
Kassandra Donia Happiness / An FCB alliance DTP
Anna Touvron Happiness / An FCB alliance Graphic Designer
Lennert Vedts Happiness / An FCB alliance Graphic Designer
Sophie Gunsbourg Happiness / An FCB alliance Producer
Pascal Delfosse Happiness / An FCB alliance Print Producer
Kassim Olivier Ahmed Kassim Olivier Ahmed Film Director / DOP
Simon Schuurman Simon Schuurman Editor / Animator
Carole Grosman Carole Grosman Child Psychologist
Anne Burton Anne Burton Child Psychologist
Julie Hoyas Julie Hoyas Illustrator
Andrea Rivola Andrea Rivola Illustrator
Belle Lee Belle Lee Illustrator
Toyzmachin Toyzmachin Illustrator
Wazza Pink Wazza Pink Illustrator
Benoit van Huyck Inkut Lab Graphic Studio

The Campaign

Hansaplast introduces Hearts. A new type of heart-shaped plasters, created to help parents heal those broken little hearts. To stop the tears, each Heart comes with a specific design that is linked to a heart-warming story. Allowing parents and children to start a conversation about the little heartache. All stories were developed with a child psychologist, covering the 5 most common little heartaches in the age group of 2 to 6 years old.

Creative Execution

Hansaplast Hearts is a premium giveaway. Each box contains 10 heart-shaped plasters with a total of 5 different designs, linking back to the 5 main little heartaches. The box also features a little book, containing 5 relevant heartwarming stories. Each plaster design links back to one of the relevant stories in the book, developed with a child psychologist. In april, thousands of Hearts boxes were distributed as a free promotional gift in Belgium’s biggest supermarkets Carrefour & Cora. Via a seeding strategy parents could also get their free box online: http://Littleheartaches.com


Hansaplast Hearts is a European initiative that was first introduced in Belgium. Thousands of Hansaplast Hearts boxes were distributed as a free promotional gift in Belgian supermarkets Carrefour and Cora. Via social seeding parents could also order their free box on a microsite, www.hartepijntjes.be. The engagement of parents and children was immediate and extremely high. To get consumer feedback, all parents receiving a free box were subject of a follow-up survey. Response was over 40% and completely positive. Because of this result Hansaplast Hearts will be rolled-out in all Hansaplast key-markets later this year, in a long-term mission to add emotional value to the brand and create a new category for the brand.

Global adhesive bandage brand Hansaplast launched Hearts as a long term idea to conquer share of hearts and to emotionally bond with its main target: parents with young children. The Hearts-boxes were handed out for free as a promotional gift. But to extend the relationship all of them were followed up by a survey which generated a response of over 40%. This allowed Hansaplast to emotionally connect and keep mums & dads informed about other initiatives, in its mission to win the battle against private labels.

To win the battle against private labels Hansaplast could no longer limit itself to functional superiority. The brand also needed to conquer hearts and emotionally bond with its main targets: parents with small children (2-6 years old). Hearts is an idea that builds within the bigger Hansaplast global platform ‘helping to turn tears into smiles’.