Category E03. Launch / Re-launch
Entrant ROADY Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Kurt Novack Leo Burnett France Executive Creative Director
Mohamed Bareche Leo Burnett France Art Director
Montassar Chlaika Leo Burnett France Copywriter

The Campaign

TEDDY ASSISTANCE A unique service that will allow parents and children to spend the summer with serenity. At the time of the revision of their car, the parents benefit from Roady assistance for 1 year and the children benefit from Teddy Assistance. In case of loss of their beloved Teddy, Roady agrees to find the same cuddly toy and have it delivered as soon as possible. A dedicated site is set up to declare the loss of the teddy and launch a research notice. A simple service but taking a real importance on the road of holidays. No more crying, crises ... With Doudou Assistance, parents and children travel with the assurance of knowing that everything is expected in case of a problem.

Creative Execution

We started the campaign with the film introducing the TEDDY ASSISTANCE service. It was broadcast on the internet and on social networks. In partnership with Doudou Malin, specialist in search of doudou, Roady committed in case of loss of the doudou to find the identical model among a database of 30 000 references. A service open to all motorists benefiting having reviewed at a Roady car center and benefiting from the Assistance. A dedicated site allowed parents to drop the photo of their child's teddy at the time of the subscription and especially to launch a notice of search in case of loss. Other media such as newsletters, flyers, in-store displays also promoted this operation


In less than two months, our film has accumulated more than 217,000 views, Teddy Assistance has been taken over by more than 45 French and international media generating over 286 million media impressions. In addition, this campaign allowed Roady to gain 9 points of notoriety by going from 31% to 40% of brand awareness rate.

The loss of a teddy is a global phenomenon, there is not a day when a call for help is not launched on social networks. Detectives are sometimes even engaged. Studies show that families losing their teddies are highly interested by the automobile. Roady, whose niche is self-satisfaction and the core target is parents with kids, had to propose an activation that would offer a true serenity to all the family.

We decided to launch our film before the summer to reach motorists who had in mind to have their cars revised. While the various car center stores offer all the same services at the same prices, with TEDDY ASSISTANCE, Roady creates a real difference on the market.