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Category B03. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Idea Creation BBDO BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Media Placement BBDO BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Production BBDO BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Klaartje Galle BBDO Belgium Associate Creative Director
Sebastien De Valck BBDO Belgium Creative Director
Arnaud Pitz BBDo Belgium Creative Director
Frederik Clarysse BBDO Belgium Copywriter
Gertjan De Smet BBDO Belgium Art Director
Morgane Choppinet BBDO Belgium Copywriter
Toon Vanpoucke BBDO Belgium Art Director
Dominique Salvo BBDO Belgium Print Producer
Jasper Heldenbergh BBDO Belgium DOP Lighting Cameraman
Jasper Vanhauwaert BBDo Belgium Video Editor
Kim Leunen BBDO Belgium Social Team
Daniela Simons BBDO Belgium Final Art
Juliette Dugardyn BBDO Belgium Account Executive
Evelyn Savels BBDO Belgium Account Executive
Axelle Cannaerts BBDO Belgium Account Executive
Lore Desmet BBDO Belgium Account Director
Isabel Peeters BBDO Belgium Client Service Director

The Campaign

Facebook has a feature that shows people the pictures they shared on this day, one or more years ago: Facebook Memories. Euromelanoma decided to use this feature as a medium to remind people to check their skin. We developed a transparent sticker with a clear call to action. It asked people to put it on one of their skin marks, take a picture and post it on Facebook, privately or publicly. Exactly one year later, Facebook Memories shows them the same skin mark again privately. Reminding them to check its colour, size and shape again. The sticker shows a transparent grid that allows them to measure the exact size of the mark, even on a picture. So thanks to the Skin Memories sticker combined with Facebook's well-known feature, people can assess its evolution year by year. The stickers were distributed in pharmacies nationwide. Influencers shared their skin marks with their

Creative Execution

The campaign was launched on April 12, 2017. 100 000 skin memories stickers were distributed in pharmacies nationwide. In the week that followed,14 influencers, celebrities and the national Minister of Health posted a picture of their skin mark on Facebook and/or instagram. Each post was accompanied by a text encouraging readers to get their own sticker at their pharmacy and share on Facebook. After a week already, pharmacies were asking more stickers as demand was growing. Currently, Euromelanoma is looking to print more stickers, but also to roll out this campaign on a global scale.


Our message was picked up by the national media as well as the digital community, resulting in nationwide reach. 100 000 stickers were picked up at pharmacies within a week, and spread on social media. 80 percent of people posted their picture in private, making it only visible to themselves. The other 20 000 posts reached an audience of about 4 million people. Raising awareness for a facebook audience, and more importantly: generating thousands of reminders for people to check their skin.

With Skin Memories, Euromelanoma used Facebook Memories a.k.a. on this day as a tool to help people send a direct message to themselves, reminding them to track the evolution of their skin marks . We distributed leaflets in pharmacies across the country, providing a clear call to action: “Put this patch on your mole, post a picture on Facebook and follow up on your skin marks through Facebook Memories”

We wanted to convince people of all ages to check the evolution of their skin mark yearly. Since people almost never check their skin but do check their Facebook 50 minutes a day on average, it was clear this was the perfect medium to reach a large audience. With a clear call to action on the Skin Memories sticker, we asked people to share a picture of their skin mark on Facebook. Using the Memories feature as a tool that reminds people of the evolution of their skin marks, year after year. Making the medium all the more relevant. To rapidly share our message, we got the help of celebrities, influencers, and even the Minister of Health, who used the Skin Memories sticker to share a picture of their skin mark on Facebook and Instagram.