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Silver Eurobest

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Product/Service"THE INVISIBLES"
Category C01. Original Publishing: Content
Entrant WALK Warsaw, POLAND
Idea Creation WALK Warsaw, POLAND
Media Placement WALK Warsaw, POLAND
Production WALK Warsaw, POLAND
Name Company Position
Mariusz Pitura Walk Creative Director
David Racchi Walk with David Designer
Katarzyna Mardeusz-Karpińska, Karolina Niedzielska Walk Art Director
Zygmunt Cecko, Mirosław Zygmunt, Mariusz Łukaszewski, Jacek Hugo-Bader Walk Copywriter
Aleksandra Adrian, Sylwia Serafin, Karolina Kędziora Walk PR Manager
Paweł Miklaszewski Walk with David Managing Director
Joanna Biernacka, Mateusz Gruca Walk Copywriter
Mariusz Pitura, Tomasz Zieliński Walk Copywriter
Piotr Wlazło, Dawid Bednarski Walk Events Event
Joanna Jędrasik Walk Social Media Social Media
Joanna Sawicka, Natalia Wójcik Walk Print producer
Michał Szczepanek, Andrzej Wiśniewski, Piotr Pogorzelski, Michał Komorowski Walk Digital Digital
Marta Bresińska Walk with David Design Client Service
Alicja Szuba, Edyta Foryś Fundacja Kapucyńska Fundacja Kapucyńska
Adam Roszkowski Okey Films Video case Director
Michał Lewicki Okey Films Graphics
Ernest Wilczyński Match & Spark DOP
Oskar Łęczycki DOP Assistant
Filip Piotrowicz Light Operator
Maciek Kozłowski Editor
Hubert Szklarski Sound
Tomasz Stępniak Color correction
Adam Roszkowski, Paulina Mergner-Korzeniowska Production
Agnieszka Bresińska Proofreading
Rafal Lampasiak Walk Strategy Director

English Translation of Main Headlines

EXTRACTS FROM THE BOOK: "In the City", Mariusz Lukaszewski I did not know where to go. To keep me warm I took to riding trams and busses. But other passengers were not supportive. "GET LOST YOU BUM!" "Bum?" I never thought of myself this way. If ever, it was rather about someone else, not about me. Never in my wildest dreams have I expected to join the army of bums and alkies. I used to contempt them. Today, I contempt myself. Wet clothes, shoes getting heavier with water. With my grey, traumatized face I will surely get a fair judgment from other people. I always hated being judged. "Selected Poems", Mirek The City Something stopped the spinning city the trams stopped suddenly an old mugger on crutches is crossing the street and every crutch is like the cross and every zebra line is like the Calvary the city’s underbelly is far away other people rush further and higher the crutch with a smile of the universe understanding to its den warmed by old newspapers "There’s nothing more to say", Zygmunt The whole life is a jigsaw puzzle, a huge mosaic. The jigsaw puzzle sets come in different sizes: two hundred pieces, fifteen hundred. How many pieces in my life? I am not quite sure. But so far, there’s nothing more to say. Each piece from another set! (It’s OK). Meaning: to fight for survival. I spend my afternoons and evenings collecting empty beer cans. I sleep in staircases guarding my finds. In the morning I go to the recycler’s. I made PLN 24. I go to the market to get some cheap cigarettes. I also bought a piece of old cutlery for a couple of zlotys. I took it to an antiques shop and sold it for PLN 120. And since my hangover is long gone, I spend time in the sun. The weather is beautiful after yesterday deluge. I desire a walk in the Own Town. I feel free. I spoil myself with an ice-cream and a sandwich. I look at the Column. I surrender to the crazy idea of going to the St. Anna viewing platform. I walk up there, finally able to look at my namesake without twisting my neck. I can even look down at his royal highness (at last he is below me). Because I usually see my namesake from below, like a subject should. I smile, I can feel I am resting. Yes, I always enjoyed looking from the viewing platform. I like the cascade of roofs of Old Town buildings, or going to the other side to look at the surface of St. Anna’s roof which becomes a giant green screen on which to display products of my imagination. Calling back memories. Memories, or even their pieces make me lose track of time. Or I stare at the stadium – it’s another hangman (…) of dreams, because I wanted to be a famous soccer player when I was young. "Charlie in Warsaw", Jacek Hugo-Bader Car showrooms employ wonderful people. At Ford’s they even let me behind the wheel and honk. "The New Ford Orion is style and tradition " goes without saying. At the Volvo’s I check out a shining new 850 GLE. The salesman get to me. He opens the car door for me, asks me to get inside, gives me the price list, a catalogue, a colorful brochure. - 2500 ccm capacity, 5 cylinders , 10 valves, 0-100 acceleration in 10,3 seconds, only 11 liters per hundred kilometers in urban cycle, if you wish we can fit the air conditioning, leather upholstery, heated seats, board computer... - Wait a minute – I interrupt the salesman abruptly. Can you see how I look? I am not going to buy this car, so you may just as well save yourself the effort. - Well, Sir, you actually do look like someone with some sort of financial problem. But in ten or maybe 15 years, the tide may change. And I would like you then to come back and buy a car from me.