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Case Film

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Category G05. Motion Graphics Design & Animation
Idea Creation SCHOLZ & FRIENDS Berlin, GERMANY
Production SALON ALPIN Vienna, AUSTRIA
Name Company Position
Matthias Spaetgens Scholz & Friends Chief Creative Officer
Robert Krause Scholz & Friends Managing Creative Director
Jörg Waschescio Scholz & Friends Creative Director
Max Marohn Scholz & Friends Art Director
Ramona Junggeburth Scholz & Friends Art Director
Felix John Scholz & Friends Copywriter
Nina Stegmann Scholz & Friends Account Manager
Janice Kretschmer Scholz & Friends Account Manager
Jana Huth Scholz & Friends Account Manager
Kilian Kapfer Scholz & Friends Strategist
Kirill Falkow Scholz & Friends Strategist
Nele Siegl Scholz & Friends Agency Producer
Kristin Ammon Scholz & Friends Agency Producer
Lip Comarella Salon Alpin Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Simon Griesser Salon Alpin Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Daniela Leitner n/a Character Design, Painting
Matthias Hacksteiner fifth music Music
n/a Oldskull FX Puppet Construction
n/a COLA Animation, Set construction
Stefan Paul Kernjak n/a Programmer
Maria Groh Montblanc Associate Director Marketing Communications
Emel Biallas Montblanc Senior Manager Brand Communications

The Campaign

During Christmas time, even the most rational adults long for a time of wonder, for miracles to become true. We address this longing with a magical story of handmade craftsmanship, which seems almost fairytale-like in a world of mass-produced goods.

Creative Execution

Under the tagline “The Magic of Craft”, we visit the diligent craftsmen at the Montblanc workshops in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Befitting the content and the strategy, the film itself is a carefully hand-crafted stop-motion animation. The design of the hand-crafted puppets and film sets is modern yet emotional and uses a wide variety of materials from silicon, to wood and leather.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The film further strengthened Montblanc’s positioning as a company with a long tradition of finest craftsmanship and brought the brand to the consumer’s relevant set for the Christmas season.

The handmade component of the story is a perfect fit to Montblanc’s tradition of finest craftsmanship and to the campaign’s target group composed of adults with medium or high income across the globe who have an interest in luxury brands and value hand-made craftsmanship.