Short List
Category D01. Retail - Permanent Environment & Experience Design
Entrant ADIDAS Herzogenaurach, GERMANY
Idea Creation 2 ADIDAS Herzogenaurach, GERMANY
Idea Creation 3 GENSLER New York, USA
Name Company Position
adidas adidas Client
Checkland Kindleysides Checkland Kindleysides Design Agency
Gensler NY Gensler NY Design Agency
Dirk Tacke Dirk Tacke Fotografie n/a

The Campaign

The NYC store is a raw manifestation of a high school stadium, with every element within the space conforming to this aesthetic vision. The culmination of this is a soulful and honest reflection of sport and a consumer-powered brand experience that motivates the shopper to be the best possible version of themselves; shaping the athletes of tomorrow and presenting the brand as the facilitator to enable the sportsman or woman to create and achieve whatever they put their mind to. The space lives and breathes New York, seamlessly connecting its people, events and locations in real-time, amplifying consumer engagement. A revolutionary digital strategy aligns all streams of online communications and social media, blending the online world with the tangible New York space. This creates a network of micro-moments that connect in and out of the store, making the brand flagship central to the creator's journey.

Creative Execution

This is the largest adidas store in the world, set over 4 floors on the busiest street in New York. It was essential to maximise the footfall with an immersive space whose reputation preceded it. Within the store, digital content, that blends sporting moments and personalised content, is executed across 4 technology-empowered platforms. From a digital wall that ‘sets-the-stage’ with brand campaigns, to spectator stands that showcase live sports events; the atmosphere has a real sense of community that is relatable, energetic and NYC-centric. Elsewhere, a track and turf section encourages consumers to wear-test product and the Mi-adidas Customisation Area empowers creators to put their stamp on products, but not without inspiration shown on digital screens ranging from the latest trends and Instagram montages. In addition, a juice bar provides a knowledge-sharing social environment with free nutritional advice and produce from small local businesses.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

adidas NYC brings a consumer-powered brand experience to athletes craving a tailored and creative connection to sport. The immersive space appeals to all five senses, creating moments of storytelling the consumer can’t experience anywhere else. The store has been hugely successful and continues to generate conversations across social channels, from influencers, press, and customers. Within the first week, the store welcomed 35,000 visitors and hosted a number of exclusive product drops that have sold out in minutes. “Thanks Adidas for the love & telling the stories of dream makers. The new NYC Flagship is fire” Robin Arzon “Adidas just opened a new kind of store —and Nike should be terrified” Business Insider “Adidas NYC flagship raises the bar on sports stores” Just Style “Adidas’ New NYC Flagship Throws A Challenge To Nike” PSFK “The brand’s newest (and largest) store is the stuff sports fantasies are made of" New York Post

For this to be a success it was critical that hype was built prior to launch. Dedicated social media accounts helped nurture a sporting community, while local sporting events forged connections between the brand, the city and it’s people. This activity culminated in a high profile influencer event at the store to celebrate the opening and drive global conversations online. The ‘creator’ is the target consumer and the design, together with each in-store initiative, is ultimately challenged to wow them. The concept is underpinned by the assumption that each consumer who walks into the flagship gives adidas 25 minutes of their lives, once a year – this is the store’s opportunity to provide the ultimate brand experience in a way that is personalised and revolutionary. Longer term, bolder activations will happen in and around the store, all with the goal to attract consumers, increase sales and strengthen the community.