Short List
Category B02. Promotional Item Design
Entrant CP+B Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation CP+B Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Mathias Birkvad Cp+B Copenhagen Chief Executive Officer
Kristoffer Gandsager Cp+B Copenhagen Creative Director
Jon Goldtsche Jørgensen Cp+B Copenhagen Senior Creative
James Godfrey Cp+B Copenhagen Creative Director
Mark Rif Torbensen Cp+B Copenhagen Senior Creative
Thea Stevnhøj Meldgaard Cp+B Copenhagen Junior Creative
Rasmus Zepernick Cp+B Copenhagen Junior Creative
Sofia Brockenhuus-Schack CP+B Copenhagen Project Manager

The Campaign

People at festivals are keen on protecting their hearing, and when we discovered that loud music can not only damage your hearing, but also make you drink faster there was only one solution. We created Tuborg Beer Plugs. Ear plugs designed in the shape and colour of draft beer. The Beer Plugs were handed out in a mini version of a draft beer holder at bars on the festival site. On the side of the holder the insight about loud music making you drink faster was printed, together with a friendly reminder to use the Beer Plugs and slow down your drinking.

Creative Execution

We handed out the Beer Plugs all around the entire festival. Anywhere you could buy beer you would automatically get a set of Beer Plugs to go as well. The Beer Plugs were designed to resemble mini versions of draft beer and was packaged in a similar size version of a draft beer holder. On the side of the holder our campaign insight was written together with a friendly reminder to use the Beer Plugs and slow down your drinking. The iconic and playfull design helped us communicate our message of slowing down drinking in a positive way, and not be seen as a raised finger. Furthermore the iconic design made it easier to be both memorable, and work as a great conversation starter across the festival.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We helped festival goers at Roskilde festival (northern Europe´s biggest festival) enjoy it a bit more, by slowing down their drinking and protecting their hearing. Next year even more people will have a good time, as we roll out the initiative at the rest of Denmarks larger festival.

Tuborg is well associated with sponsoring festivals and music in Denmark, and the brand has a positive image among music lovers and festival goers. Tuborg wanted to build on that strategy and help people get more out of their festival experience, while at the same time acting as a responsible beer brand.