Short List
    Category C01. Digital Design
    Entrant N=5 Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Idea Creation N=5 Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Media Placement MAAK Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Media Placement 2 MINDSHARE Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Media Placement 4 DIGINED Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Production N=5 Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Production 3 PUPKIN FILM Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Name Company Position
    Thijs Bontje N=5 creative
    Daniel te Lindert N=5 creative
    Olaf van der Geld N=5 creative
    Jan Jesse Bakker N=5 interactive designer
    Anthony Goodwin - interactive designer
    Renoud Netjes N=5 motion graphics designer
    Silvia van Hooft N=5 strategy director
    Bastiaan Weers N=5 strategy director
    Ralph Balk N=5 Account Director
    Dewi van der Kolk N=5 account manager
    Anouk Zink N=5 client service director
    Tisha Hoppenbrouwers N=5 producer
    Jasper Baartmans N=5 innovation director
    Monique Neuteboom N=5 RTV producer
    Jordy van den Boom N=5 ux
    Lars Noback N=5 Photographer
    Taco Arts - Editor
    Giancarlo Sanchez - director (film)
    Thijmen Doornik - Cameraman
    Roel van 't Hoff - Cameraman
    - The Ambassadors Sound Studio
    - Soundcircus Sound Studio
    - Big Orange Sound Studio

    The Campaign

    Evert_45: a boy who tells his story on social media, from 1945 What better way to engage young people and show them that our freedom is our most valuable asset. During national liberation celebrations in the Netherlands this May, Evert_45 did just that. Evert_45 is an immersive campaign played out as an ongoing series on Instagram, YouTube and on the website evert45.com. Evert’s war story is an account of his journey to find his brother in hiding after escaping a German labor camp. The narrative of the online campaign was carefully crafted from numerous insightful interviews with World War II veterans, as well as historians and teachers. It is in fact the end result of a Dutch newspaper article entitled ‘It’s up to you to keep this story alive’ featuring interviews with elderly resistance fighters.

    Creative Execution

    Real historical stories Even though the character Evert_45 is fictional, his story was based on true stories of ordinary Dutch people from the Second World War. Historical accuracy was safeguarded by historian Dr. J. Rosendaal. And during development it was tested by experts and stakeholders (e.g. veterans, teachers, National Committee for 4 and 5 May, and the Dutch Resistance Museum). Content = king The content of Evert_45 can be found on his own YouTube and Instagram channels. The media consumption of young people was used to determine the frequency, duration and location of the content. It was aligned with the way they would view content from ‘normal’ vloggers. Thanks to an overwhelming response in both volume and interaction among young people, teachers across the Netherlands are embracing this new way of exploring history and Evert_45.com is due to be included on the Dutch school curriculum as of 2018.

    Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

    Young people voluntarily watched 1.3 million minutes worth of history lessons The story of Evert_45 makes a powerful connection with young people. We interwove their visual language and day-to-day interests (pranks, foodie shots etc.) with the historical narrative. This led to Dutch youngsters voluntarily watching over 1.3 million minutes of history lessons within three weeks. Young people, as well as their parents and teachers kept asking for more and longer content. Teachers even opted to teach about World War II using Evert_45’s story, and it is due to be included on the Dutch school curriculum as of 2018. The Evert_45 initiative also had a positive impact on KPN’s brand image. On the most relevant association statements, the scores among those who recognise the campaign are significantly higher than the annual average. The initiative shows that KPN makes society better, through technology, and it contributes

    KPN connects Dutch generations As a telecom provider, KPN is rooted in Dutch society. It has been connecting generations for decades. And as a Royal company, it's keen to help pass on Dutch history. Moreover, KPN has also been specifically associated with freedom, since 2014. With the tagline ‘Feel free’. And with social initiatives in which technology facilitates freedom. That is why KPN feels a responsibility to help pass on stories from WWII to the youngest generation. Speaking the language of today Stories about the past are often told in the language of the past. They thereby miss a connection to young people. They were written and/or told by previous generations. If we want to reach young people with the stories of the past, we have to do so with the language of today. Through the channels where they search for information and find inspiration: YouTube, social influencers and Instagram.