Category E02. Drinks
Product/ServiceKIDS YOUGURTS
Name Company Position
Vlad Ermolaev Ermolaev Bureau Creative Director
Victoria Ermolaeva Ermolaev Bureau Creative Director

The Campaign

Our target audience consists primarily of intelligent consumers who value the quality of a product as well as its design. As far as this is kids-oriented product we decided to create something not just bright but also educational, because kids are more curious about the world around them and study and discover it through simple forms. They better comprehend abstract, simple, geometric and pure shapes and colours. We also count on the fact that this product will be popular not only among all the kids, but also will be attractive for adults. Visual solution for kids, based on abstract visual codes does not exist on the shelves of Russian stores. There are cartoon-animated characters of famous heroes instead. This allows us to stand out on the shelf providing totally different visual language.

Creative Execution

This is a yogurt range for kids from 3 years old. Kids study and discover the world through simple forms, they better comprehend abstract, simple, geometric and pure shapes and colors. The idea is that the word ‘yogurt’ in cyrillic starts with the ? letter, this is one of a few letters in cyrillic alphabet, which has a diacritic symbol pointing out this is not the ? letter, but the ?. This diacritic symbol we use as a basis to show different tastes of yogurt: cherry, prune, pear, peach and others. The shape and color abstractly remind of this berries. If you place yogurts next to each other, graphics join each other and make new graphic shape, new picture. Packaging for yogurts for kids is made in purepacks and bottles.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

This is the yogurt packaging that has an educational value and also assists the communication between children and parents. Because children will be wondering what is drawn on the pack and parents will be explaining them that this or that symbol is this or that berry shown in different way. Also with the help of educational book and animated cartoon children will get to know about producing of milk and yogurt.

Moms already know about the Cheburashkini brand and the fact that its products are natural. But this is not enough. We realized that something that can be attractive for both children and parents but also new is educational part. It is making our product attractive for kids on the imaginative level and for parents it will be a product that helps them with developing child's visual comprehension of the world around.