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Category A01. Creation of a new Brand Identity: Consumer / Corporate / Non-profit
Idea Creation CREUNA Oslo, NORWAY
Production CREUNA Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Marc Ligeti Creuna Norway Lead Designer
Heidi Bakken Creuna Norway Lead Designer
Stein Øvre Creuna Norway Senior Designer
Asbjørn Hegdahl Creuna Norway Senior Frontend Developer
Stein Sørlie Creuna Norway Creative Director

The Campaign

The highlight of DOGA’s visual identity is a new logo, featuring four letters displayed without a dominant focal point. The letters act as visual cornerstones, naturally creating shape and substance, depending on the point of view. The logo hints at DOGA’s ambition to be an arena for possibilities. DOGA represents the various design and architecture disciplines, which is reflected in the way the logo comes to life. The logo adapts itself to digital formats and where motion is possible, in 3D physical formats, and in 2D and printed materials.

Creative Execution

A digital “logo maker” was created, making it easier to design new logos in an infinite range of perspectives. Isometric perspective was chosen to maintain a clean typographic look. As a result, the new visual identity appears organic and dynamic – appropriate for a sector in transformation. Users can interact with the logo on the web, producing experiences that vary depending on the type of device. A simple and functional typographic style and grid system with a Scandinavian flavour was developed. All this to ensure a contemporary identity classical enough to last over time.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The identity was met with an overwhelming positive response from the Norwegian design and architecture community. DOGA now comes across as one organisation with a clear identity and value propositions that resonate with its core segments. There’s a vast increase in the amount of engagement in DOGA’s activities and a general increase in the interest of the organisation and how it can help. DOGA strengthens the position of design and architecture in Norway. The identity has led to a greater sense of unity and pride amongst DOGA’s employees. It’s still too early to see all the results. User activation programmes are under way, ensuring ownership to DOGA and its value across all user segments.

It was determined that DOGA has four core user segments. 1 & 2: Young and experienced practitioner. 3 & 4: Mid management/ project director and decision maker – representing the client side of the business. The brand platform makes no distinction between designers and architects, as their needs in terms of what the organisation has to offer were well aligned. DOGA can facilitate the meeting between these actors and be an arena for change and innovation through the values of learning, experimenting and gathering. To sum it up: DOGA facilitates collaboration and creates an arena for practitioners and businesses.