Category A01. Creation of a new Brand Identity: Consumer / Corporate / Non-profit
Entrant BRANLAB Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation BRANLAB Moscow, RUSSIA
Production IT IS EASY Washington, USA
Name Company Position
Elena Savina BrandLab Account Director
Alexander Eremenko BrandLab CEO
Svetlana Zhuravel BrandLab Art Director
Valentine Grunichev BrandLab Graphic Designer

The Campaign

The idea of brand identity is a modular kit — the company provides you with the range of household services out of which you can assemble your own set. The inspiration came from Lego bricks play. Since the client claims their service to be cheerful and easy, we built up dynamic brand identity based on simple forms and vivid colors.

Creative Execution

The company started with 4 services and now planning to develop further. On the basis of It Is easy brand name we have created the simple graphic form – made of bricks and circles. By playing with this constructor we built up 4 different logos for 4 services - moving, cleaning, painting and cooking. Such a playful brand identity allows to embody it into different objects associated with the specific service – that's how we got a cardboard box, a packing tape and a string roll instead of the logo on the moving truck board. To make the brand more expressive we have developed a special pattern with iridescent colors.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Against the background of other local moving players the It Is Easy Corporation stands out three steps ahead. A bright design that immediately catches people’s eyes became a good trigger to choose this company by the local residents. For less than a year a family startup grown up from zero became a noticeable player on the local market and continues to develop. The light playful and unusual design became an important shift for the right perception of the services, made it more transparent, consumer-friendly and stress-free. After the launch of the new brand identity, the company’s sales increased by 30%!

The main target audience of It Is Easy service are represented by the households of Washington disctrict. Our new brand should be embodied in all the touchpoints of the services: business card, letterhead, corporate transport, moving boxes, uniform - even in brand pack tape, OOH and print communications. The company claims to position as a local and family player but at the same time it provides the services on the highest level. A new dynamic brand identity should make the company stand out in front of poorly looking competitors and help it to transform the perception of the whole moving business.